Introduction to CloudNativePG

The webinar will cover an overview and demo of the Kubernetes operator, fundamentals and features of CloudNativePG and the difference between a CloudNativePG deployment and a traditional Postgres deployment.

Geo-Distributed Databases and Disaster Recovery for Postgres in the Cloud with BigAnimal

Learn more about what BigAnimal High Availability can deliver to your developers by joining Natalia Wojcik, Senior Product Manager for Cloud, and Aaron Sonntag, Senior Software Development Engineer, for this EDB Webinar, where they will walk through our enterprise-grade, Oracle-compatible BigAnimal distributed database capabilities.

How to Achieve Near-Zero Database Downtime

In this 45-minute webinar, Gianni Ciolli (VP of Solutions Architecture & Field CTO) will discuss how to achieve up to five 9s availability on your Postgres implementation. Gianni will discuss the best active-active solution for postgres: EDB Postgres Distributed. He will cover EDB Postgres Distributed compared to traditional Postgres replication and more.

The Bones of Highly Available Postgres

This webinar will present the necessary principles, theories and tools to construct a thriving Postgres cluster that's robust in the face of the inevitable challenges in a hectic production environment. Register to learn what "Good Bones" in a Postgres Cluster really means.

Session 3: Architecting Agile Infrastructure with PostgreSQL on AWS

Looking for an enjoyable yet insightful way to spend your summer downtime? Join us for a virtual journey in our summer webcast series as we explore the robust capabilities of PostgreSQL and Kubernetes in the world of hybrid and multi-cloud environments!

Session 2: Navigating Postgres on Kubernetes: The DevOps Guide

Looking for an enjoyable yet insightful way to spend your summer downtime? Join us for a virtual journey in our summer webcast series as we explore the robust capabilities of PostgreSQL and Kubernetes in the world of hybrid and multi-cloud environments!

Accelerating Public Sector Software Modernization with Postgres Support

Join our expert panel including Rick Miller, Wisdom Consulting, Government Open Source Expert at Carahsoft, Marc Linster, Chief Technology Officer at EDB and Jamie Watt, SVP Technical Support at EDB and learn why Postgres support is so crucial in driving your software modernization initiatives.

Session 1: Embracing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Postgres for Business Transformation

Looking for an enjoyable yet insightful way to spend your summer downtime? Join us for a virtual journey in our summer webcast series as we explore the robust capabilities of PostgreSQL and Kubernetes in the world of hybrid and multi-cloud environments!

Running Postgres in the Cloud: A Walkthrough

Class is in session. Join us as we walk you through launching Postgres in the cloud, deploying clusters, connecting to an application, and more - all done quickly and easily.

PostgreSQL vs. the SQL Standard

This webinar will dive into the various disparities between Standard SQL and PostgreSQL in detail, explaining how to simplify your database tasks. It will also cover features that could be borrowed from Standard SQL and applied to PostgreSQL for future use.

Modern Database Strategies for Financial Services: Unlocking Success with Open Source Solutions

The webinar will cover the balance between economic benefits of open source and regulatory compliance, and highlight enterprise features and security requirements necessary for financial services companies. Various technologies such as high-availability tooling, Transparent Data Encryption, and data masking will also be explored.

Why the Most Productive and Secure Teams Use EDB’s Oracle Compatible Postgres

Picture this: after investing considerable resources into Oracle, you securely and easily migrate to Postgres—and increase productivity by leveraging your team’s existing Oracle skills.

SQL Power-Up Webinar series: Unlock the secrets of Postgres with Lætitia Avrot!

Improve your Postgres skills quickly by participating in our three webinar series led by our SQL expert Lætitia Avrot. You will discover key SQL concepts, including the notion of NULL, three-value logic and aggregation expressions, and advanced SQL concepts such as window functions and recursive CTEs.

Achieving Cloud Success - Maximizing the Developer Experience with PostgreSQL

Imagine the ease of launching your projects without the hassle of account setup. Whether you're in the pre-production phase, focused on development, or conducting experiments, this webinar empowers you to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

How Public Sector Orgs Can Achieve Postgres Extreme High Availability

In this 45-minute webinar, EDB’s Jeremy Wilson, CTO, North America Public Sector and Rick Hill, Senior Solutions Engineer discuss how EDB Postgres Distributed can help your organization avoid the downfalls, headaches and risks of downtime, especially for organizations within public, state and federal agencies.

Non sei tu, è Oracle. Lascialo per Postgres

La luna di miele con Oracle è finita? EDB ti capisce. Non sei tu, sono loro. Potresti pensare che lasciare Oracle sia difficile, ma in realtà con il giusto supporto è molto semplice. Puoi rinunciare a Oracle e trovare una nuova libertà con il database preferito dagli sviluppatori: Postgres. EDB fa in modo che Postgres sembri, si senta e funzioni come Oracle, quindi quando esegui la migrazione, i tuoi sviluppatori avranno meno codice da riscrivere e i tuoi DBA potranno essere subito operativi. In questo webinar imparerai - come ridurre i costi in ambito IT fino all'80%, come effettuare la migrazione in tempi record riducendone il rischio.

SQL Power-Up Webinar série: the secrets of Postgres - In French

This event will run on three different dates - April 27th, May 4th, May 25th. Quickly improve your Postgres skills by participating in our series of 3 webinars hosted by our expert Lætitia Avrot. In just 3 hours, you will learn the key concepts of SQL, including the notion of NULL, three-valued logic, and aggregate expressions, as well as advanced SQL concepts such as window functions and recursive CTEs.

What are ACID Properties in RDBMS?

The ACID properties are fundamental principles that underpin the design and implementation of transactional systems in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability, which ensure that transactions in RDBMS are executed in a reliable and predictable manner.

Cloud High Availability: Future-Proofing Your Business

In today's business landscape, high availability in the cloud is critical. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine the right level of availability for your application that fits both your budget and needs. That's where our experts come in—we'll provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions for your business.

The Profitability Impact of Self-Supported PostgreSQL

Self-support for open source PostgreSQL can be a cost-effective option for organizations that have the necessary expertise and resources. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of self-supported PostgreSQL, including key factors that you should consider, such as impact on digital transformation and corporate profitability.

No eres tú, es Oracle. Déjalos por Postgres.

¿Se acabó la luna de miel con Oracle? EDB te entiende. No eres tú, son ellos. Puedes pensar que dejar Oracle es difícil, pero con la ayuda adecuada, en realidad es muy fácil. Puedes dejarlo y encontrar una nueva libertad con la base de datos preferida de los desarrolladores: Postgres.

“It’s not you, it’s Oracle. Leave them for Postgres”

In this 45-minute webinar, we will discuss how you can lower your software costs by as much as 80% and achieve 95% compatibility with EDB Postgres Advanced Server due to our Oracle Compatibility features. You will also learn how you could migrate in 20 person-days or less and if you are interested in moving to the Cloud, this webinar will equip you with an understanding of how EDB BigAnimal, is the fastest and most cost-effective way to go from Oracle on-premises to Postgres in the cloud.

Exploring the Consistency-Availability-Partition (CAP) Theorem

In this webinar, we will explore the trade-offs that you need to make when drawing an architecture for a Relational Database Management System like PostgreSQL. We will conclude with some practical use cases, explaining the constraints, the problems and how we solve them.

Beyond Joins and Indexes: Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer, Part 2

As a follow up to the presentation, Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer, this webinar covers the details of query optimization, optimizer statistics, joins, and indexes. This talk covers 42 other operations the optimizer can choose to handle complex queries, large data sets, and to enhance performance. These include merge append, gather, memoize, and hash aggregate. It explains their purpose and shows queries that can generate these operations.

Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer

The query optimizer is considered the brain of the Postgres database, interpreting SQL queries and determining the optimal method of execution. In this webinar, Bruce Momjian, Postgres Evangelist will cover how the query optimizer interprets queries using the EXPLAIN command. Join this webinar to better understand how you can improve querying behavior using the optimizer.