EDB Postgres® AI

A modern Postgres data platform for operators, developers, data engineers, and AI builders powering mission-critical workloads from edge to core. Flexible deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud.

What is EDB Postgres AI?

EDB Postgres AI is the first intelligent data platform for transactional, analytical, and new AI workloads powered by an enhanced Postgres engine. It can be deployed as a cloud-managed service, self-managed software, or as a physical appliance. It delivers built-in observability, AI-driven assistance, migration tooling, and a single pane of glass for managing hybrid data estates.

Why EDB Postgres AI?

EDB Postgres AI helps elevate data infrastructure to a strategic technology asset by bringing analytical and AI systems closer to customers’ core operational and transactional data — all managed through the world’s most popular open source database, Postgres. EDB Postgres AI offers:

The highest confidence

for enterprise workloads, with up to 99.999% availability, up to 5X throughput performance, and 30X average faster analytical queries compared to standard Postgres.

The deepest intelligence

infused throughout, with a complete toolkit for supporting AI applications using a single data layer, plus AI-driven copilots and automation to provide solutions for non-expert users.

The fastest onramp

to modernize from legacy systems, with the most comprehensive Oracle compatibility for Postgres, and a suite of migration tooling to get customers onboarded in days versus months or years.

EDB Postgres AI for transactional workloads

Build your bridge to modernization and the future while maintaining backwards compatibility with your legacy enterprise applications.

EDB Postgres AI empowers enterprise builders with the most flexible, open, and extensible general purpose database, while remaining in compliance and protecting the business. Achieve peace of mind through business continuity, security, and compliance, while converging your data strategy on Postgres. Teams can successfully execute strategic application development initiatives faster, with fewer hurdles and better collaboration.

EDB Postgres AI for analytical workloads

Drive modern lakehouse initiatives and derive value from your core business data without the need to create external data silos.

EDB Postgres AI enables strategic analytics and data science projects that deliver critical business insights, without the need for operationally expensive and slow data pipelines, and without investment in new data platforms. Customers can drive modern Postgres Lakehouse initiatives that derive new value from core business data, integrating data from both Postgres and external data sources, without the need to create additional data silos in external data lakes.


EDB Postgres AI for AI workloads

Unlock transformative AI capabilities while ensuring data governance and privacy, and gain a competitive edge through future-proof AI innovation.

EDB Postgres AI delivers unparalleled flexibility for enterprise AI, enabling seamless data access for utilization of large language models (LLMs) or customer model fine-tuning, powered by a highly available vector database. With robust enterprise-grade security, scalability, and on-premises or cloud deployment options, Postgres AI unlocks transformative AI capabilities while ensuring data governance and privacy. Our customers gain a competitive edge through trusted, future-proof AI innovation.


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EDB Postgres AI architecture



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