EDB Builds Best-in-Class Network of Strategic Alliances to Further Advance Postgres for the AI Generation

Strategic relationships with industry leaders enable joint customers with greater data and cloud agility in any environment, any cloud

Date -2024-05-23 Location - BEDFORD, MA EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), the leading Postgres data and AI company, today proudly announced several strategic alliances with top industry players, including Nutanix, Red Hat, SADA (An Insight company), and others. These relationships will enhance data and cloud agility across various environments and clouds, offering joint customers unparalleled competitive advantage in building AI-driven applications. 

The announcement follows the launch of a new corporate identity and headline product, EDB Postgres AI, the first intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads. As part of this transformation, EDB is modernizing its partner engagement model, focused on capabilities that enable joint customers to dismantle data silos and initiate AI projects in any environment.

"Many organizations find themselves at a crossroads, needing to evolve or completely revamp their data and analytics frameworks. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to not just keep pace with this change, but to lead it,” says Kevin Dallas, CEO, EDB. “We cultivate strategic alliances with the best in the industry to forge solutions that are more than just the sum of their parts. Our promise extends beyond mere capability; it's about empowering our customers with the freedom to deploy their data wherever they choose—any cloud, on premises, any appliance—while ensuring the highest security and availability that their critical workloads demand."

EDB is the largest contributor to PostgreSQL code, the #1 most popular, admired and desired database by developers, surpassing all other databases as the leader in the Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey. Marking 20 years of technological excellence and innovation, EDB ushers in the next evolution of growth with strategic alliances including Nutanix, Red Hat, SADA (An Insight company), and others which will empower joint customers with even more specialized capabilities:

EDB collaborates with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, to enable customers to generate learnings and data from core to edge and back without disrupting business operations. The collaboration gives enterprises the opportunity to build AI models on Red Hat OpenShift AI and deliver enterprise-grade day-two operations with EDB Postgres AI.

“By using EDB Postgres AI with Red Hat OpenShift AI, enterprises are able to more easily build and deploy advanced AI models while supporting enterprise-grade reliability and performance. Red Hat is pleased to continue our collaboration with EDB to deliver optimized solutions that combine the best of each company’s expertise, simplifying the complex technological landscape for our customers and driving business success,” says Katie Giglio, senior director, Partner Ecosystem Development, Red Hat. 

Nutanix is a leader in hybrid multicloud computing. EDB and Nutanix bring together powerful developer self-service and database administration with enterprise-grade performance and high availability, hardened security and Oracle compatibility capabilities. 

"Our collaboration with EDB allows customers to deploy Postgres in the most demanding enterprise environments while simultaneously increasing productivity for developers building new AI-driven applications on Postgres,” says Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix. 

SADA (An Insight company), is a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner across various products and solutions. EDB and SADA’s collaboration will maximize the value of Google Cloud for EDB’s customers with data, AI, and application modernization services from SADA. 
“SADA is committed to empowering businesses through AI and meeting customers where they are in their AI journey,” said Scott Bergquist, Global Director, AI, Data, and Industry Solutions at SADA. “By working in collaboration with companies like EDB, we can increase the rate of AI adoption by breaking down data silos, preparing enterprise data foundations for AI innovation, and helping our customers achieve differentiated business outcomes by infusing AI everywhere.” 

EDB Postgres AI is available today to existing and future customers. To learn more about EDB and it’s partners, visit the website: www.enterprisedb.com 

About EDB

EDB provides a data and AI platform that enables organizations to harness the full power of Postgres for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads across any cloud, anywhere. EDB empowers enterprises to control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently for a data and AI led world. Serving more than 1,500 customers globally and as the leading contributor to the vibrant and fast-growing PostgreSQL community, EDB supports major government organizations, financial services, media and information technology companies. EDB’s data-driven solutions enable customers to modernize legacy systems and break data silos while leveraging enterprise-grade open source technologies. EDB delivers the confidence of up to 99.999% high availability with mission critical capabilities built in such as security, compliance controls, and observability. For more information, visit www.enterprisedb.com


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