White Papers

EDB Postgres Welcomes MySQL Users

Postgres’ long-term native support for ACID compliance, Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC), data and referential integrity, server side programs (triggers and stored procedures), and fine-grained access controls are much more mature and stable than MySQL, which only has started implementing

Technical Comparison of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Oracle Enterprise

If you've played with the idea of building a new database with EDB Postgres Enterprise but have avoided doing so because you are not sure if it has the features you need or are accustomed to using in Oracle, then wait no longer. This eBook compares in depth the capabilities in both Oracle Enterpr

Security Best Practices for Postgres

This white paper presents a framework and a series of recommendations to secure and protect a Postgres database. We discuss a layered security model that addresses physical security, network security, host access control, database access management, and data security.

Which Postgres is Right for Me?

This paper examines four enterprise adoption strategies (and associated risk factors) for Postgres, and provides guidance to help readers develop an informed adoption playbook.

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Postgres Plus Cloud Database

Healthcare businesses can now deploy their applications using Postgres Plus in the public cloud. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the related Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and the HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule have laid out

Postgres in the Cloud Accelerates Business Success

Speed, agility and cost savings were the initial draw of cloud databases. Organizations are now looking to incorporate the cloud database into their infrastructures as they re-engineer their environments to support new development processes, operational models and data demands.

Postgres Advances to Meet NoSQL Challenges

Most Postgres users don't need NoSQL. With new features and capabilities alongside several longstanding components and extensions, Postgres can support virtually all of today’s data types as well as unstructured and semi-structured data.

High Availability with Postgres Plus Advanced Server

A cornerstone for ensuring ongoing data access during scheduled downtime or unexpected failures is a High Availability design. This white paper outlines a variety of high availability configurations for Postgres Plus Advanced Server and then describes how EDB Failover Manager can be integrated in

Cost Containment Strategies for Oracle Database Users

While many enterprises have been able to wring out significant cost savings by migrating to open source software for operating systems and middleware, there has been a reluctance to extend to the database layer due to concerns about complexity, risk and operational pain of migration.

A Cloud-Ready Enterprise Database Checklist

A recent study done by the IT industry analyst group IDC found that, while cloud computing accounts for less than 2% of IT spending today, it’s estimated that by 2015 nearly 20% of all information will be "touched" and enabled by cloud computing environments.

Why Use xDB Replication Server from EnterpriseDB

The use cases of replication can be many, however the core reasons that replication is used are the following: simple backup, sharded or read scale-out architecture, business intelligence / reporting, and simple high availability.