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How EDB Can Help Organizations Along Their Zero Trust Journey

The move toward a Zero Trust model is a significant shift in cybersecurity strategy that emphasizes continuous verification and strict access controls, and the executive order is seen as a critical step toward enhancing the security of federal networks and data.

EDB Postgres AI: How to Reduce Your TCO and Improve Postgres Performance on AWS

Best-of-breed solutions such as EDB Postgres AI offer a managed service capability similar to RDS and Aurora, while also supporting multi-cloud and hybrid strategies and offering fine-tuned performance and cost-efficiency. This whitepaper serves as a guide for technology leaders who want to take a…

Intelligent Data: Unleashing AI with PostgreSQL

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world and changing how information is captured, processed, stored, analyzed, and used. Understanding the terminology, the different types of AI, and how the technology works is critical for leveraging its strengths and capabilities for driving…

Slash Your Database Costs And Boost IT Efficiency With EDB Postgres

This Whitepaper shares our expert tips for TCO reduction to help achieve your business goals. We know that rising IT costs are on the list of many organizations’ most pressing challenges across numerous industries. For these organizations, managing total cost of ownership (TCO) is still a priority…

Oracle Migration to Postgres

In this whitepaper, we’ll walk you through EDB’s end-to-end methodology to migrate databases from Oracle to Postgres. Organizations focused on digital transformation know that migrating off of legacy databases, and especially off of Oracle databases, is essential for achieving your business goals.…

Cloud Database Migration Essentials for Financial Services Firms

The financial services industry is undergoing fundamental change driven by heightened regulatory requirements, increasingly demanding customer expectations, competition from non-traditional financial services sectors and rapidly evolving technology capabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Your TCO with EDB Postgres

Business leaders are constantly searching for ways to minimize expenses and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their technology. One way is by taking a good hard look at their database and database software. This eBook walks through how CIOs and CTOs are successfully decreasing TCO…

Powering the Future of Finance with Postgres: 4 Must-Read Success Stories

Today’s financial service providers are under pressure from multiple angles. Increased customer expectations, growing digitization, expanding data volumes, regulation complexity, security threats, rising costs, and competitive challenges are requiring banking, financial services, and insurance (…

4 Ways to Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with EDB Postgres

Minimizing the expenses associated with conducting business operations is a key objective for any enterprise that seeks to enhance its profitability, particularly for technology-oriented establishments. CIOs and CTOs are tasked with defining processes that reduce TCO and ultimately generate cost…

How to Transcend Cost Unpredictability, Vendor Lock-in and Inflexibility with Postgres and EDB: 3 Must-Read Success Stories

See how three leading organizations today are escaping legacy databases and using EDB’s migration tools and support to break free from restrictive legacy databases, increase performance, accelerate innovation, and decrease TCO.

The CIO’s Guide to Operational Resiliency in Financial Services: 3-Step Approach to Strengthen Your Database

In today’s rapidly evolving, data-driven world, C-level executives in banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) are under tremendous pressure to ensure their database systems are operating as they should be. Download this eBook to discover how database stability and resiliency are helping…

Accelerate Government’s Zero Trust Journey with EDB Postgres

What is the Zero Trust model, why is it so important for pubic sector organizations, and how can your organization accelerate your strategy? Download this eBook to learn about how EDB Postgres is designed to support a Zero Trust model and how you can enhance security and control over your sensitive…

Liberate Your Data from Oracle: Moving from On-Premises to the Cloud

EDB BigAnimal Buying Guide

Learn more about how to get started with the only distributed, fully managed, Oracle-compatible Postgres database—available on every cloud–in this BigAnimal buying guide.

The Profitability Impact of Self-Supported Postgres

In this eBook, explore the factors to consider in your support decision and gain a better understanding of how your support strategy can impact your bottom line and mitigate risk.

Government’s Guide to Operational Resiliency: 3-Part Plan to Strengthen Your Database

Your government organization needs to prioritize operational resiliency in every single one of your endeavors and initiatives. In this eBook, we’ll show you how to harness the full power of Postgres to ensure you achieve full operational resiliency in just 3 easy steps.

What is Polycloud? Leveraging Cloud Differentiation in Modern Digital Applications

Read this O'Reilly report to learn how the Polycloud architectural model streamlines your multi-cloud strategy and enables deployment of a fully managed Postgres in any cloud service provider environment.

London & Partners Executes a Multi-Version Postgres Upgrade While Migrating to the Cloud

London and Partners is a social enterprise funded by the Mayor of London and commercial partners and a portfolio of venture businesses, and the first organization to bring together tourism and convention outreach. Having used PostgreSQL for 17 years, they knew just what the database could achieve.…

Security Best Practices for PostgreSQL

This white paper presents a framework and a series of recommendations to secure and protect a PostgreSQL database. We discuss a layered security model that addresses physical security, network security, host access control, database access management, and data security.

In che modo la migrazione da Oracle a Postgres trasforma le aziende: 3 storie di successo da leggere

In questo e-book troverai tre storie di successo di aziende clienti di EDB che hanno abbandonato il precedente database, modernizzato le proprie infrastrutture, e sperimentato direttamente il pieno potenziale di Postgres.

ESG Technical Validation of EDB BigAnimal

Read this report to learn how BigAnimal, minimizes deployment and management time of Postgres databases, maximizes uptime using Postgres Distributed, a "near-zero downtime" option and simplifies Oracle migrations to Postgres in the cloud, using the complete suite of EDB migration tools.

Modern Database Strategies: How Financial Organizations Overcome Business Hurdles by Employing Open Source

In this white paper, we’ll delve into exactly why that is, how Postgres is ideally suited to empower BFSI enterprises and what specific business benefits open source can provide.

6 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Rethink Your Postgres Support

How can you tell if your support is falling short? In this eBook, we’ll discuss 6 major indicators that your Postgres support isn’t all it needs to be.

The Complete Guide to Optimizing Cloud Data Spend: Balancing Price and Performance to Achieve Your Business Goals

In this eBook, designed to help organizations of all sizes maximize the value of their cloud spend, we discuss why a cost-focused approach to cloud adoption is more important than ever, how cloud FinOps can help align all necessary teams around a scalable spending model and more.

Database Protection and Innovation Requires Enterprise Support: 3 Must-Read Success Stories

Your database is the heart of your business, so you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks with it. Problems like unplanned outages or botched upgrades can cause massive damage to productivity and reputation. That’s why so many organizations using Community PostgreSQL have adopted enterprise…