Remote DBA Service

Achieve stable development and production environments on prem and in cloud while minimizing downtime 24x7

Why choose EDB Remote DBA Service?

 24x7x365 Postgres Support

Leverage a team of certified Postgres DBAs with 10+ years of experience, available 24x7x365.

Get continuous monitoring of CPU usage, memory, connections, replication, bloat and more. When an event occurs, we take action—often before you even know a problem exists.

Experience ultra-responsiveness, with response times as short as 15 minutes for urgent issues.

Work with a primary Remote DBA contact assigned to you who becomes intimately familiar with your environment, systems and team.

Benefit from our expertise in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, including those on Azure VM, AWS EC2 and Google.

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Better Outcomes with Remote DBA

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Optimize Postgres Performance

Run faster, Use Resources More Efficiently

Remote DBA will help optimize database performance through table partitioning, query optimization, index creation, DB, tooling, OS parameter optimization and more to improve response times.

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Increase Productivity

Proactively manage routine tasks such as backups, upgrades and security patches, giving you peace of mind and enabling your team to focus on strategic activities.

From installing and configuring Postgres with appropriate security and sizing to optimizing it for development, test and production environments, your Remote DBA can do it all.

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Savings and ROI

Experienced Remote DBAs proactively address issues before they become problems, reducing future issues and downtime.

Reallocate resources to strategic initiatives that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and generate revenue.

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Plan Options

A minimum annual subscription of 4 database instances is required for Remote DBA services.

What's included?

RDBA On Premises

Bare Metal & VMWare

RDBA Cloud Compute

AWS EC2, Azure VM & Google Compute Engine


AWS & Azure

Planning and Communications      
Assigned Primary Remote DBA  contact -
Certified Postgres DBA team
Database best practices advice
Connection pooling best practices
Weekly status meetings and reports on ongoing environment health and activities -
Quarterly strategic reviews on trends, uptime, business alignment, opportunities -
Customer EDB portal access (knowledge base)
Monitoring and Alerting      
24 x 7 monitoring
Automated monitoring implementation
Real time alerting across multiple dimensions
Customized alert thresholds
Trend analysis on capacity/space, load, lag -
Proactive remedy of alerted issues
Escalation management, if required
Evaluation of database patches and upgrades
Backup and Disaster Recovery      
Disaster recovery planning guidance
Production backup verification¹ 4/year 4/year 2/year
Set up Point-in-Time recovery, if needed
Maintenance and Installation      
Install Postgres database instances, if needed *
Apply patches, minor and major database upgrades *
Set up one Dev/Test environment per Production environment²
Establish one read replica per Production instance Streaming *
Table partitioning
Postgres user management -
Catalog corruption check
Comprehensive performance optimization Regular Proactive Health Scan Annual Annual
Database parameter tuning
Table maintenance and vacuum optimization
Query performance optimization guidance³
Index maintenance and efficiency
Maintain high availability architecture
Capacity planning -
High Availability      
Maintain high availability architecture⁴ *
Read scalability and load balancing advice -
User/Group security configuration and maintenance *
Encryption and secured access best practices *

* Similar service is included with BigAnimal subscription

1 For backup verification the customer will need to provide a separate server that can be used to verify the integrity of the backups

2 BigAnimal Portal Access is required

3  Limited to problem query identification. Not applicable to query rewriting or redesign.

4 EDB supported tools only

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Just Need Monitoring?

No need or budget for Remote DBA?  We can still help.

EDB Monitor Only provides continuous insights into nearly 100 key metrics related to the health of your Postgres database – in categories like CPU usage, memory usage, database connections, replication and bloat. Metrics are tracked 24x7, so out of bounds parameters and trends can be proactively identified and alert you before they become problems. 


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