Run an enterprise-grade Postgres® with pgvector extension anywhere, on any cloud, from edge to core.

Operationalize your generative AI workloads by leveraging EDB Postgres AI as a full-featured AI database. You can seamlessly store, query, and analyze vector embeddings (text, video, or images) with the trusted open source database without adding operational overhead.


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Enterprises are playing catch-up to ensure their infrastructure can support new data initiatives — fast.

Managing separate databases

Maintaining a separate specialty vector database platform in addition to your existing database for structured data with PostgreSQL introduces significant cost, overhead, and complexity in managing multiple database systems, vendors, skill sets, and tools. 

Limited vector data management capabilities

Purpose-built vector databases may provide basic functionality for storing and retrieving vectors, but often lack robust data management features that are critical for production workloads: high performance indexing and querying, enterprise scalability, data integrity through ACID, disaster recovery, security, governance, regulator compliance, and more.

Complex data pipelines and integration

Vector data existing in one database and structured data in another creates data silos. Organizations then face complex data pipelines involving ETL processes or streaming integrations and joining data across these disparate systems for analysis.

Unlock even more value from the open source database you know and love.

Single database with vector capabilities

Realize the full potential of generative AI by seamlessly integrating vector embeddings into your existing PostgreSQL database environment with EDB Postgres AI — no separate vector database required.

Robust vector handling

Gain enterprise-grade vector database capabilities by leveraging the mature data management features of PostgreSQL such as indexing, high availability, and backups with EDB Postgres AI.

Data integration

Simplify machine learning data pipelines by storing, querying, and analyzing vector embeddings alongside your structured data in a single PostgreSQL instance using EDB Postgres AI — no complex data integration needed.

Postgres for AI: The challenges you’ll face and the outcomes you can deliver with EDB


Postgres for AI applications workload architecture


Key features of the EDB solution

If you're implementing a Postgres for AI workload, the following EDB features will help you achieve the business outcomes you want:

Native vector data type support

EDB Postgres AI adds a "vector" data type to PostgreSQL, allowing vector embeddings from machine learning and AI models to be stored directly in the database as first-class data types.

Vector data querying and analysis

With EDB Postgres AI, users can query and analyze vector data using standard SQL SELECT statements along with vector-specific operators and functions provided by the extension.

High-performance vector indexing

Vector data stored in EDB Postgres AI can be indexed using the database's indexing capabilities, enabling high-performance similarity searches and queries on vector embeddings.

Integrated vector and enterprise database platform

EDB delivers an integrated data platform by providing vector database capabilities through EDB Postgres AI within the robust PostgreSQL database, allowing customers to leverage mature enterprise data services such as high availability and backup/recovery from a single vendor.

Key EDB products for Postgres for AI workloads

EDB Postgres Extended

An enterprise Postgres server with PostgreSQL parity, plus enterprise features including advanced replication, high availability, security, and performance diagnostics. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

An enterprise Postgres server with Oracle compatibility, plus enterprise features including advanced replication, high availability, security, diagnostics, and reporting. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

PostgreSQL commercial support

Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid, follow-the-sun support for critical issues.

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service

Fully managed EDB Postgres in your cloud of choice, where EDB handles deployment, monitoring, high availability, replication, backups, encryption, and more. Deploy with public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).


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