The GlobalConnect Partner Program brings together a world-class, global ecosystem of Postgres technology, system integrators, consulting, ISV/IHV and distributor/reseller partners. Each partner in the GlobalConnect network brings unique expertise and added value to customers leveraging EDB Postgres solutions.

Partner Level
  • Founded in 2013, our company is an innovative technology partner offering comprehensive IT solutions, including Big Data analytics, large-scale data warehousing, open-source DB consulting and generative AI solution. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise in driving digital transformation, we empower our clients to maintain competitiveness and achieve sustained growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • At IFINITY, our mission is to help banks offer seamless, invisible banking services that fit effortlessly into everyday life, creating personal connections with customers through intelligent, innovative, cloud-native, and open banking compliant solutions.  We specialize in consulting and solution implementation services across Core Banking, Digitization, Data and AI, Security, API, Identity management, App modernization and Cloud Computing domains. With 80% of our capabilities in the banking industry, IFINITY team is dedicated to helping banks and financial institutions become more sustainable, placing responsibility for people and the planet at the center of their strategies.
  • Focusing on PostgreSQL Database technology, S2 Limited provides enterprise-level customers with professional open source database services, covering the entire life cycle of IT systems (including the entire process of business consulting, architecture design, system construction, operation and maintenance assurance, and performance tuning). Reduce the difficulty and complexity of customers using open source databases, improve the agility and efficiency of the database supporting system for front-end business, and help users reduce IT system operating costs. Our services include: architecture consulting and design, system implementation, performance tuning, upgrade and migration, patching service, high-availability design, disaster recovery construction, backup and recovery management, data masking and encryption, troubleshooting, annual maintenance, emergency data rescue services, to name just a few. We also provide operation and maintenance management tools to improve IT operation and maintenance efficiency. We provide customers with the greatest security guarantee for their IT systems with 7*24 professional services. S2 Limited's business coverage includes Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area.
  • Agenda Open Systems is the leading Slovenian provider of cutting-edge IT solutions and services for digital transformation. Our offerings are based on the latest cloud technologies from the world's largest providers. We emphasize open standards and technologies, leveraging our extensive experience to seamlessly integrate proprietary and open-source business solutions.
  • Berca Hardayaperkasa (“BHp”) is a leading information communication technology, test measurent and consulting company in Indonesia. We help our valued customers to drive their business growth in the era of digital transformation and industry 4.0 by delivering digital solutions and services which is powered by extensive ecosystems and exploit the power of hyper-converged infrastructure, omni-cloud, IoT/edge computing thru LoRA/4G and 5G networks, measurement and monitoring, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, enterprise data management and analytics, enteprise resource planning, business applications and other emerging technologies.
  • OSAS – Optimized Services and Solutions is a global IT service company, with the desire to bring value, stability and creativity to customers with the best quality solutions and services
  • TechAccess has become an acknowledged industry leader in the ICT enterprise distribution market in the MENA region. Headquartered in Dubai, TechAccess provides technology solutions to large private and public corporations as well as governments.
  • OPENWIDE is a specialized IT service company that always brings the best value to our customers. We provide optimal solutions, including servers, storage, networking, PCs, operating systems (OS), and virtualization.
  • MESA is a specialized company specializing in information and communication technology (ICT) service needs and provides services from system architecture design to construction, operation and maintenance. It provides efficient and stable solutions based on the latest technologies and professional know-how to meet various needs of customers, and constantly strives for innovation and customer satisfaction in the ICT field.
  • Dataworks is a database-service company skilled in all processes from construction to operation of information system databases, as well as DB migration and DB consulting was established in 2007. Especially, Dataworks is strong in the fields of DB consulting, DB performance/tuning, DB construction services, and DB monitoring. And We have the know-how to solve most DB-related problems.
  • Founded in 2003, Saltware is an IT service and solution provider offering cloud-based solutions to 800+ enterprise customers in South Korea. With over 100 members and over 30 partners, 2022 revenue reached approximately $25.4 million
  • TimeGate is enhancing customer competitiveness and maximizing customer satisfaction based on differentiated business models and IT capabilities. Founded in 2007, TimeGate has been providing the best enterprise solutions.
  • HC Info is a company that specializes in improving IT infrastructure operations. Our main focus areas include network, security, server, storage solutions, and software. We strive to establish ourselves as a professional SI/NI company. Our expert engineers develop IT infrastructure that optimizes system environments and enhances competitiveness.
  • IRE IDS is an integrated maintenance and systems integration company that contributes to providing customers with an optimal IT service operating environment and enhancing customer business competitiveness. Provides technologies and solutions for the high availability, high reliability, and minimization of down time of a customer's computer infrastructure.
  • We are the best EDB solution provider in Korea ranging from New EDB account exploring, in depth Oracle to EDB migration consulting, DB tunning, DB HA, optimization to Second to none care pack service.
  • Rockplace is the leading open source and cloud specialist company in South Korea. With 20 years of experience serving over 500 clients, Rockplace offers its customers optimal open source services through its team of 90 engineers, the largest in the country.
  • Founded in 1993 as Youngwoo Computer, ETEVERS has grown into an Innovative IT company with the largest number of partners in Korea, Despite the rapidly changing IT environment. In 2022, Youngwoo Digital is preparing to take its second leap forward by transforming into ETEVERS.
  • BNH
    Business network high-tech consultancy and information technology services joint stock company (BNH) is a company providing IT consulting, implementation, training, and transfer services. The company was established on March 13, 2014.
  • Entrust keeps the world moving safely by putting secure digital transformation within reach. Our portfolio of identity and security solutions enable the world’s most discerning customers to accelerate growth, protect assets, and build trust into every digital interaction. With innovative centralized compliance management and decentralized keys and secrets storage, our solutions ensure confidentiality, integrity, and secure access to critical data while facilitating compliance with security regulations.
  • Pont Systems was founded in 1996 as a Hungarian owned IT company with various services from custom software development, IT operations, trough software testing to infrastructure design and building.  Beside Hungary we are able to provide our services by our branches in Romania, Serbia, Germany, Vietnam and Laos as well, mainly for large enterprises (mainly for the finance) and government sector. Pont Systems a long-runner in banking IT, known as a reliable, strategic partner of several banks, other finance and insurance companies.
  • iValue Group is the FASTEST growing, leading-edge technology enabler with purpose-built solution stacks and related services for securing and managing Digital Applications and Data, of Enterprises, across hybrid multi-cloud. iValue’s offerings address every need in Application Lifecycle Digital transformation – from code to cloud, covering Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability needs. iValue Group has direct presence across India, SAARC and Southeast Asia, with local teams covering business and technical needs of partners to address their customer needs across the regions. To know more, visit
  • Our company specializes in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting Services. We offer fully managed end-to-end Business Intelligence as a Service, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of Ship Management Companies. Our goal is to help our clients transform their data into actionable intelligence.
  • Credesoft is involved in supplying of ICT related peripherals and services, application developments, network infrastructures and ICT consultation services.
  • Digitalisation is changing the way organisations work, make decisions and evolve. The key insight is that data alone is no guarantee of success. It is only when people understand how to use data effectively that potential and value can be unlocked. This in turn requires certain processes, behaviours and values - a data culture. And every organisation has one, whether consciously or not. Disy supports your data culture from the database to data analysis.
  • People Tech Group, a global leader in next-gen digital services and consulting, specializes in guiding medium to large enterprises and Fortune 500 clients in their digital transformation journeys. With over 17 years of experience, the company effectively manages the systems and operations of global enterprises, serving as a trusted partner for harnessing the potential of cloud technology on a global scale.