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:EDB Enterprise Plan

Extend the Power and security of PostgreSQL for enterprises that need Oracle database compatibility

Ready to migrate from Oracle?

Need proven and reliable Oracle compatibility without sacrificing performance? Want all the advantages of PostgreSQL with mission-critical features? The EDB Enterprise Plan is perfect for your business.

The EDB Enterprise Plan is the one plan that gives you access to  EDB Postgres Advanced Server, which extends the functionality of open source PostgreSQL with database administration, database and application security, performance monitoring and analysis, and application development utilities.

What's included?

What's included?

EDB Enterprise Plan

Open source tools
Technical support
EDB tools: high availability, migration, monitoring, and backup and recovery
EDB Postgres for Kubernetes
EDB Postgres DistributedOptional
EDB Postgres Advanced Server
DeploymentsOn premises, private, public, hybrid cloud deployment
Database managementSelf managed, or EDB BigAnimal (fully managed)