EDB BigAnimal: Fully Managed Postgres Cloud Database

Focus on your business—not your database—with fully managed Postgres in the cloud.

Fully Managed Means Freedom to Focus on Your Business

A cloud database and tools that easily automate routine tasks so you can do more.

Focus on your Business, Not your Database

Free your IT team to innovate and pursue growth initiatives without the overhead of database management.

Save Time, Reduce Risk and Cut Costs

Spin up clusters in minutes, and rapidly move workloads from Oracle to Postgres

Avoid Cloud Lock-in with Cloud Diversification

Deploy consistent and highly available Postgres on multiple clouds, across multiple regions

The Postgres you love with the experts you trust

The cloud is for infrastructure. EDB is for Postgres. EDB BigAnimal is the best of both.

Postgres Experts at the Ready

EDB's Postgres expertise means you are supported by the most knowledgeable team in the industry.


Built-in Compatibility

Built-in Oracle compatibility and comprehensive migration tools make switching from Oracle to Postgres a seamless experience.


Continuously Available

Run your mission-critical applications with confidence. EDB BigAnimal offers 99.99% high availability out of the box.


Pick your Postgres

Create an open source Postgres cluster in minutes, or choose EDB Postgres Advanced Server for its enterprise-grade features and extensions.

Cloud Choice

With EDB BigAnimal, you’re never locked into a cloud provider. It’s the same Postgres on all supported platforms and runs in your account.

Secure and Compliant

Extensive security protects, isolates, encrypts and controls your data. And, BigAnimal is compliant with SOC2, PCI, GDPR and more.

Ready to see EDB BigAnimal in action?

Priced with Transparency

EDB BigAnimal is priced based on vCPU hours. You pay EDB for the vCPUs you consume, and your cloud provider for the infrastructure EDB BigAnimal deploys for you.

community 360 plan

Community 360 Plan


per vCPU-hour

Approximately $63 per core per month

standard plan

Standard Plan


per vCPU-hour

Approximately $120 per core per month

enterprise plan icon

Enterprise Plan


per vCPU-hour

Approximately $187 per core per month

Pricing Details

  • EDB BigAnimal lets you consume committed infrastructure spend you've negotiated with AWS or Azure and core spend on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Purchase an EDB subscription to consume EDB BigAnimal vCPUs on AWS or Azure.
  • Purchase EDB BigAnimal via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a monthly, annually, or pay-as-you-go subscription.

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Ready to see EDB BigAnimal in Action?

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