EDB BigAnimal Delivers a Winning Combination of Public Cloud Infrastructure and Database Power

April 10, 2023
Cloud Postgres

When you’re driving a Ferrari, you need a mechanic specializing in high-performance sports cars to make sure it runs right. 

It’s the same for enterprise database software. An enterprise database is a complex machine requiring specialized knowledge. You depend on your database to run your business. You need a specialist to keep your database software reliable, high-performant and secure. 

Databases run on hardware and other infrastructure that needs to be maintained by its own group of experts. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are great at providing high performance, reliable infrastructure that keeps applications up and running around the world. But cloud service providers aren’t Postgres specialists. 

Organizations who use their Postgres databases to run serious workloads need to look for the right expertise for each piece of their solution—someone to look after their fully managed database as a service and someone else to ensure that the cloud infrastructure keeps running smoothly.


Cloud is for infrastructure, EDB is for Postgres

Public cloud providers offer excellent Postgres database services, including Amazon’s RDS and Aurora, Microsoft Azure Flex Server and Google’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. But cloud vendors do not focus on or prioritize database maintenance, patching, or optimization. These companies’ businesses are all about building reliable, high performing cloud infrastructure: compute, networking and data center space.

So when your cloud solution fails to deliver required levels of performance, if the problem isn’t in the infrastructure, you’re likely on your own.

Bug fixes are another area where public cloud providers aren’t focused on the database. Because public cloud vendors aren’t directly in control of the database, identified bugs first need to be sent to the open source community, fixed by the community, and then released in the public cloud’s database version. It likely will be a long wait before the database bug is fixed.

And when it comes to new releases, public cloud vendors tend to lag far behind the latest community Postgres versions. Customers often wait a year or more for access to the latest Postgres features and upgrades often result in significant downtime and disruptions.

Lastly, public cloud vendors are great at optimizing their own cloud environments. However, many organizations deploy their applications and use databases in multiple clouds. Learning how to monitor, manage and optimize Postgres performance in all different environments can be a resource-intensive, time-consuming and complex task. If you want to migrate your Postgres use from one environment to another you may find yourself locked in. Changing environments can mean re-writes and hefty migration. Public cloud providers aren’t focused on helping you optimize all your Postgres databases, but a specialized database vendor like EDB is.


EDB BigAnimal is for fully managed Postgres in the cloud    

EDB’s sole focus is Postgres, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or fully managed by BigAnimal. When you pair a great cloud provider with world-class Postgres experts, your business will gain the best of both worlds. 

With EDB BigAnimal, our fully-managed Postgres cloud solution, you can focus on meeting the needs of your business, not the management or maintenance of your database. Just as you rely on your expert mechanic to keep your Ferrari running in peak condition, you can rely on EDB’s team of Postgres experts to keep BigAnimal up and running 24x7.

EDB BigAnimal is committed to being one security release behind the community version, enabling customers to take advantage of the latest Postgres features and advancements faster. Our open source-centric approach means that when you use BigAnimal, you can rest assured that it’s pure open source, and if you need to move somewhere else you can do so with minimal hassle or rewriting.

BigAnimal delivers Postgres expertise and support, which includes the database itself as well as how the database performs in the cloud. In addition to open source Postgres, BigAnimal also provides a full suite of enterprise features that are required to run business-critical enterprise applications: High availability, automatic minor version upgrades, multi-region active-active support, encryption at-rest and in-transit, cross-region read replicas, 24/7 support, Oracle compatibility and automated tuning. 

Beyond these enterprise capabilities, EDB adds in other specific enhancements, such as query optimization and a next-generation index recommendation engine, that only Postgres experts who live and breathe Postgres can offer. Just as specialized Ferrari mechanics know exactly what it takes to keep a Ferrari running at peak performance, EDB’s Postgres experts know exactly what’s needed for your Postgres database to deliver on your business requirements. You just can’t get those Postgres capabilities elsewhere. 


Multi-cloud made easy

Lastly, EDB BigAnimal provides support for your multi-cloud business in a way no other public cloud provider can with Postgres. No matter which cloud environment you wish to deploy in, you will be using the same familiar BigAnimal solution. There’s no need to rewrite the application for each cloud environment. While migrating from Amazon’s Postgres to Azure’s would be a significant investment and requires a software rewrite, migrating between those clouds with BigAnimal is straightforward, because EDB offers the same Postgres everywhere.

Beyond the database itself, EDB provides centralized and coordinated support for its customers no matter where they are deployed. That means one vendor—EDB—takes responsibility for security and compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity. If your organization has multiple database projects, or multiple business units, working with EDB allows your business to standardize how those concerns are addressed throughout and across your entire enterprise. 

When it comes to databases, EDB’s expertise, attention to customer’s database needs, and focus on database performance is unsurpassed. When it comes to infrastructure, public cloud vendors reign supreme. Want the best of both worlds for your cloud applications? Our recommendation is: put the two together with EDB BigAnimal. 


Find out more about how BigAnimal can help your business succeed, by delivering the best database service on top of the best infrastructure. Get started with BigAnimal now.

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