Let your data thrive. Modernize Oracle systems and embrace the Postgres®-led world.

Break free from Oracle and discover a comprehensive platform that supports high availability and enables operation across any cloud environment. Mission-critical apps operate seamlessly, without downtime or security threats — leaving you free to harness the advantages of Postgres.​

EDB Postgres AI

EDB Postgres AI provides the fastest onramp to modernize from legacy data infrastructure, with the most robust Oracle compatibility and admin-friendly toolsets  plus AI-powered migration copilots and services that make the journey incredibly simple.


Legacy data infrastructure can’t keep up in an AI world.

High TCO trap

Compulsory support contracts and specialized personnel inflate budgets and strain resources.

Innovation bottlenecks

Legacy systems create ceilings for the app stack and lack the future orientation to adopt modern cloud, analytics, and AI tech.

Extensive application refactoring

Many Oracle migration tools lack interoperability and require significant app refactoring.

Run to your future faster and thrive in an open source world with your data where, when, and how you need it.

Zero-risk migration

Fast track modernization by migrating schema and data from Oracle in 20 days or less, minimizing downtime and disruption.

Less assembly required

Reduce app rewriting by up to 80% and make the move without disturbing teams or business and data continuity.

Cloud modernization and agility

Find freedom to explore new data projects with high availability across any clouds, all in one platform.

Transparent TCO

Save up to 80% total cost of operations (TCO) compared to Oracle licensing fees.

Oracle compatible Postgres: The challenges you’ll face and the outcomes you can deliver with EDB



Oracle migration workload architecture


Key features of the EDB solution

If you're implementing an Oracle-compatible Postgres workload, the following EDB features will help you achieve the business outcomes you want:

Oracle compatibility mode

Replicates Oracle functionality in Postgres, covering SQL syntax, data types, stored procedures, and more.

Instant error resolution with AI-driven copilot

Tackles the most complex migration challenges with an AI chat tool that helps answer migration errors, including command line and schema issues.

Migration toolkit

A powerful command line tool that helps with migrating Oracle objects and data to Postgres.

Migration portal

Analyzes and converts Oracle schemas to Postgres and produces compatible DDL statements.

EDB Postgres Distributed

Deploy in geo-distributed clusters, even across multi-cloud environments, to provide the highest availability (99.999%).

Postgres security and compliance

Get advanced Postgres security features common to commercial databases, including Transparent Data Encryption, audit trail, privilege analysis, and firewall. Compliance-readiness includes SOC2, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Postgres performance

EDB’s unmatched Postgres experts have fine-tuned the engine to squeeze the most out of Postgres, with features like Wait States, SQL Profiler, and Index advisor. 5X throughput efficiency. See the performance difference.

Migration Calculator

Estimate your savings by migrating from Oracle to Postgres

Key EDB products for Oracle-compatible Postgres workloads

EDB Postgres Extended

An enterprise Postgres server with PostgreSQL parity, plus mission-critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, and performance diagnostics. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

An enterprise Postgres server with Oracle compatibility, plus mission-critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, diagnostics, and reporting. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

PostgreSQL commercial support

Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid, follow-the-sun support for critical issues.


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