Liberate Your Data from Oracle with BigAnimal

Unlock advanced capabilities, control costs, and break free from Oracle with the only Oracle- compatible Postgres-as-a-Service

Enable developers and minimize code changes with advanced Oracle Database features built into Postgres.

Fully Managed Oracle Compatibility in the Cloud

Streamline Your Move Away from Oracle

Spend less time re-coding applications and rapidly move workloads from Oracle to Postgres with little-to-no change needed. EDB Postgres Advanced Server on BigAnimal interprets, translates, and natively mimics Oracle drivers, Oracle code, and Oracle queries.

Reduce Risk and Cut Costs

Migrate most Oracle database schemas and data in fewer than 20 days and see up to 80% savings compared to Oracle licensing and support costs.

Benefit of Postgres, Fully Managed

Get all of the benefits of Postgres with none of the administrative or operational headaches. Focus on your code, not your database.

Avoid Cloud Lock-in with Cloud Diversification

Deploy consistent and highly available Postgres on multiple clouds, across multiple regions, without compromising on features. 

Oracle compatibility, enhanced migration tools, and industry-leading expertise—in a fully managed cloud database

Minimize Oracle Migration Risks

Take advantage of EDB’s advanced migration tools and portal to migrate from Oracle without the risks of downtime or project failure.


Distributed Solutions

Availability and architecture options to meet your requirements. Deploy clusters across regions or availability zones to achieve active-active configurations with multi-write access.

High Availability

Mission-critical apps need to be running when you need them. Get up to 99.995% availability and ensure your cloud-based PostgreSQL clusters are always on and always available.

Scalability and Performance

PostgreSQL is perfect for DevOps innovation and large-scale data. Not only does it perform when you most need it to, but it can grow along with your business, so it never slows you down.

Get Started Quickly

Get started online and pay as you go. Deploy on any cloud, in your account or ours.

Operated by One of the Builders of Postgres

BigAnimal’s Database-as-a-Service is backed by EDB's expertise in building Postgres and moving Oracle workloads to Postgres. Rest easy knowing your database is managed and supported by the most knowledgeable team in the industry.

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Get Started in EDB BigAnimal Now with $300 in Free Credits.

EDB BigAnimal lets you build highly available applications, move off of Oracle databases, and focus on your projects while leaving management to the Postgres experts.

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Oracle Migration Calculator

Calculate savings by migrating from Oracle to Postgres.

By using our calculator tool you can estimate savings by providing your estate details and picking a support plan.