EDB BigAnimal: Run the Postgres you love past the scale you knew was possible

Unlock the freedom and flexibility of the world’s most-loved database among developers

Fully Managed Postgres: Focus on your applications, and let one of the builders of Postgres operate your database

Keep the control you need without worrying about database management

Start Immediately, For Free

Create an EDB account and grab your $300 free credit.  Deploy in any cloud, connect your apps, and go!

Full Featured, Without Limits

Take advantage of all the features of EDB’s fully managed database right away, including geo-distributed active active configurations and multi write capabilities, superuser access, high availability, backups and recovery, monitoring, and more.

Pure Open Sourced PostgreSQL, Fully Managed

EDB BigAnimal is a developer’s dream. Open source PostgreSQL with none of the administrative or operational headaches. Focus on your code, not your database.

Sign up for BigAnimal and get $300 in free credits.

Why do developers love EDB BigAnimal?

Superuser privileges for granular control over database internals

CLI to efficiently script and automate the BigAnimal operations

REST APIs for straightforward, standardized communication and integration with the database

Learn faster, code faster with EDB’s free Postgres training courses

Develop once, deploy on any cloud, with a consistent BigAnimal experience no matter which cloud you choose

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Get Started in EDB BigAnimal Now with $300 in Free Credits.

EDB BigAnimal lets you build highly available applications, move off of Oracle databases, and focus on your projects while leaving management to the Postgres experts. Docs

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