Managing Superset access

You control access to Superset data sources by using Superset roles and permissions.

Superset has three roles mapped to BigAnimal roles:

  • Gamma
  • Alpha
  • Admin

Learn more about Superset roles, users, and permissions management in Superset Security.

The Superset roles map to BigAnimal permissions:

Superset roleDescriptionBigAnimal permissions mapped to Superset role
GammaView data that user has been granted access to, create dashboardsProject viewer
AlphaAll Superset Gamma privileges, plus the ability to add or modify data sourcesProject editor
AdminAll Superset Alpha privileges, plus access to SQL Lab and the ability to grant or revoke access to data to other usersProject owner
  • Access to Superset is currently limited to the initial default project set up by BigAnimal. The user needs to have a project role for the initial project to access Superset.
  • While Admin users have access to all databases by default, both Alpha and Gamma users need to be given access via the Superset sql_lab role on a per database basis. The sql_lab role grants access to SQL Lab.

To assign BigAnimal user roles, see Users.