Pricing and billing

This section covers the pricing breakdown for BigAnimal as well as how to view invoices and infrastructure usage through Microsoft Azure. It also covers management costs.


Pricing is based on the number of virtual central processing units (vCPUs) provisioned for the database software offering. Consumption of vCPUs is metered hourly. A deployment is made up of either one instance or one primary and two replica instances of either PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server. When high availability is enabled, multiply the number of vCPUs per instance by three to calculate the full price for all resources used. The table shows the cost breakdown:

Database typeHourly priceMonthly price*
PostgreSQL$0.1655 / vCPU$120.82 / vCPU
EDB Postgres Advanced Server$0.2397 / vCPU$174.98 / vCPU

* The monthly cost is approximate and assumes 730 hours in a month. Microsoft bills on actual hours in a given month.


All billing is handled directly by Microsoft Azure. You can view invoices and usage on the Azure Portal billing page. Learn more.

Cloud infrastructure costs

EDB doesn't bill you for cloud infrastructure such as compute, storage, data transfer, monitoring, and logging. BigAnimal clusters run in your Microsoft Azure account. Azure bills you directly for the cloud infrastructure provisioned according to the terms of your account agreement. You can view invoices and usage on the Azure Portal billing page. Learn more.

Management costs

To give you full control over your data, BigAnimal deploys infrastructure in each region to manage the clusters in that region. BigAnimal doesn’t charge you for this infrastructure. Azure bills directly for the infrastructure according to the terms of your account agreement.

The table shows a breakdown of management costs.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)BigAnimal uses AKS to orchestrate and manage the database service Managed Kubernetes Virtual Machines provisioned on Windows and Linux.
Azure MonitorBigAnimal feeds all logs and metrics to Azure Monitor.
Azure blob storageBigAnimal uses blob storage to store metadata about your account.
Key vaultBigAnimal uses key vault to securely store credentials for managing your infrastructure.

At list price, estimated overall management costs are $400–$700 for a single cluster. Check with your Azure account manager for specifics that apply to your account.

If you deploy a large number of clusters in a single region, for example, more than 30, BigAnimal might deploy additional management infrastructure to support your workloads. In addition, BigAnimal provisions a number of other free resources in your account to help with management.

To get a better sense of your Azure costs, check out the Azure pricing calculator and speak with your BigAnimal representative.

If you want to remove management resources provisioned from Azure, reach out to Customer Support.