Getting started with BigAnimal

When you first sign up for BigAnimal, you'll have $300 in free credits to experience all the features and capabilities of BigAnimal.

Create an account

To get started with BigAnimal, you'll need to create an EDB account.

Registering an account on gives you access to BigAnimal, as well as EDB's training and software downloads. Accounts are free, and registration takes less than a minute.

Start using BigAnimal

Once you have set up your account, you can log in to the BigAnimal portal with full access to all its features and capabilities. See Quick start for a walkthrough of configuring a cluster and ideas for further exploration.

What happens when you use up your free credits?

If you want to keep your cluster live after your free credits run out, simply add a credit card or payment method (see Payments and billing). If you don’t add a credit card or payment method, your clusters and their backup data are deleted within seven days.