Getting started with the BigAnimal free trial

The BigAnimal free trial provides an EDB-hosted environment where you can quickly experience the features and capabilities of BigAnimal. The free trial provides a subset of the full-featured BigAnimal environment so that you can get a feel for what to expect.

Get started with BigAnimal quickly

Quick start for the BigAnimal free trial Create, connect to, and work with a standard community PostgreSQL 14 cluster, provisioned on AWS.

What you get as part of the free trial

  • The latest & greatest PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server databases.

  • One active cluster, unlimited inactive ones.

    • You can try different configurations by deleting the active cluster and creating a new one.

    • Restore deleted clusters at any time within the trial period.

    • Choose from either AWS or Azure cloud hosting, with two regions available for each (out of all supported regions).

      Cluster detailsOn AzureOn AWS
      RegionEither US East 2 or West Europe (Netherlands)Either US-East 1 (N. Virginia) or EU-West-1 (Ireland)
      Instance TypeEsv3 series 2 vCPU with 16 GB RAMr5.large
      StoragePremium SSD disks P1 4GiGP3 Volume disk size 4
  • Edit database configuration settings.

  • Connect to your cluster by way of a public IP from psql, pgAdmin, or your favorite PostgreSQL-friendly application.

  • Access to EDB enterprise-level support.

  • Use BigAnimal services for 14 days. The countdown begins when you first provision a cluster.

Numerous other instance types, storage types, regions, customizations, and support options are available with a paid account.

Create an account

To get started with your free trial, you'll need to create an EDB account.

Registering an account on gives you access to the BigAnimal trial, as well as EDB's training and software downloads. Accounts are free, and registration takes less than a minute.

Create a cluster

The free trial allows you to create a database cluster hosted on BigAnimal to try for 14 days. While the trial allows only one cluster to be active at a time, you can delete your cluster and create a new one. You can even restore any cluster you've previously deleted.

BigAnimal offers both standard PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server clusters. You can try out either using the latest version or one of the previous supported versions starting at version 11. Other configuration options are limited for the free trial.

You can use several equivalent ways to create a cluster:


After you have a running cluster, you can connect using any PostgreSQL-compatible software. Here are a few ideas to get you going:


A database is always more interesting when it! Load up some sample data and see what BigAnimal lets you do with it:

What you can’t do

Since this is a free trial, there are a few nuances and limitations to what you can do with a free account:

  • You can't invite team members to join your cluster or assign roles in the free trial. Other team members should create their own free trial account to explore BigAnimal.

  • The BigAnimal free trial interface notes the features that aren't available in the free trial. No private networking or superuser access is available in the trial. High availability, logging, monitoring, and performance benchmarking also aren't available.

What happens when the free trial ends?

In the BigAnimal Free Trial interface, a countdown displays the time remaining for your free trial.

When the free trial ends, your account continues to exist, but your cluster and its backup and data are deleted. You can't transfer your cluster from the free trial to a paid account. Your free trial account is separate from a paid BigAnimal account.

We hope two weeks is enough time to give you an idea of what BigAnimal offers, but if you're interested in really seeing it in action, we also offer an evaluation of the full product, with full access to regions and configurations. If you're interested, contact EDB sales to learn more!