Using the BigAnimal API

Deprecation notice

EDB released v3 of BigAnimal API in January 2023. v2 of BigAnimal API goes out of support on June 30, 2023. To see the changes in v3, see the Change log. Update your applications accordingly.

Use the BigAnimal API to integrate directly with BigAnimal for management activities such as cluster provisioning, deprovisioning, and scaling.

The API reference documentation is available from the BigAnimal portal. To access the documentation directly, go to API docs.


Before calling API, create an access key. For more information, see Access key.

Call the API

To call the BigAnimal API, your application must pass the retrieved access key as a bearer token in the x-access-key header of your HTTP request. For example:

curl --request GET \
  --url "" \
  --header "x-access-key: $ACCESS_KEY"

Where the ACCESS_KEY variable is the access key's text copied from the BigAnimal UI.

Example response:

    "projectId": "prj_abcd1234",
    "projectName": "Test project",
    "clusterCount": 4,
    "userCount": 10,
    "cloudProviders": [
       "cloudProviderId": "aws",
       "cloudProviderName": "AWS"
       "cloudProviderId": "azure",
       "cloudProviderName": "Azure"