Access key

An access key provides an authentication process for BigAnimal users to access the BigAnimal API directly, without the OAuth2 authorization flow. The access key links to only one user. Each access key link is immutable since its creation. Each access key has an expiration time you specify, ranging from 1 to 365 days.

An access key belongs to only one organization. An access key can be created for a machine user or for a normal user. A normal user can't use their access key across the organizations. The key is managed by an organization owner for the machine user, whereas the normal user manages their own access key. Once the access key expires, you must create a new one. Also, if you lose the access key, you have to delete it and create a new one.

User typeQuota - Maximum keysKeys created and managed
Machine user2Two access keys, created while the organization owner is creating a machine user. Optionally, can be individually added from Access keys tab on machine user's details page using Create New Key option.
Normal user1One access key, created and managed by user from their home page.

An access key can be revoked from a user. Revoking the key doesn't affect the role or any other authentication process of the linked user.

Create your personal access key

To create an access key:

  1. Log in to the BigAnimal portal.

  2. From the menu next to your organization name in the top right of the portal, select My Account.

  3. From the My Account page, select the Access Keys tab.

  4. From the Access Keys tab, select Create New Key.

  5. Provide the Access Key Name.

  6. Provide the Expiry days in the range of 1 to 365.

    The generated access key is provided for the user.

Copy this access key and save it in a secure location. The access key is available only when you create it. If you lose your access key, you must delete it and create a new one.

You can enable in-app inbox or email notifications so that you're alerted when your personal key is about to expire. For more information, see Managing notifications.

Manage access key

You can manage the access keys for a machine user from the Users home page.

To view details about a user's access keys:

  1. From the menu next to your organization name in the top right of the portal, select Users Management .
  2. Select the Username from the list.
  3. View the Access Keys tab on the user's home page. Each row provides the access key details:
    • Name Access key name.
    • Access Key Access key in half encrypted format.
    • Expiry at The expiry date for the access key.
    • Created at The creation date for the access key.

To delete a specific key, select Delete next to the key. You're prompted to confirm the deletion.

To create a key, select Create New Key at the top-right corner of the Access Keys tab.

Using the access key

The BigAnimal API detects if the caller is using an access key in the request. If the caller uses the access key, the API checks:

  • The validity of the key
  • The organization of the user requesting access
  • The user permissions

It then authorizes the access. For more information, see Using the BigAnimal API.