Getting Started with EDB BigAnimal

June 21, 2023
Cloud Postgres

At EDB, we understand that Database-as-a Service (SaaS) goes beyond just providing fully managed PostgreSQL. It's about creating an all-inclusive experience that ensures you can rely on the vendor for database administration—everything from handling day-to-day operations, such as disaster recovery, high availability, and upgrades, to providing expert support services. 

Introducing EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed Postgres-as-a-service designed to meet enterprise-ready standards and run business-critical applications for even the most demanding enterprise workloads. Our goal is to enable you, the end user, to focus on innovation and tuning to optimize your infrastructure for application requirements.

Best of all, this solution is now free to try with $300 in credits to experience the full functionality of the platform. You're now able to explore our on-demand environment that empowers you to explore and try out BigAnimal at your own pace, without any upfront costs.

As part of the newest release of EDB BigAnimal, several improvements have been introduced:

  • Users can now host clusters on our cloud account instead of their own 
  • Users are now able to purchase via credit card at any point during the trial for a seamless trial-to-paid experience
  • The free trial experience has been revamped to include all the features of a paid account, with $300 of free trial credits to try it out with no time limit

This is in addition to the enterprise features offered as part of the BigAnimal platform, including:

  • Support from EDB’s world-class PostgreSQL expertise via the same enterprise support team we provide our subscription customers
  • Your choice of PostgreSQL or EDB’s PostgreSQL Advanced Server for geo-distributed, multi-write capabilities and inherent Oracle compatibility
  • EDB BigAnimal can be purchased via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a monthly, annually, or pay-as-you-go subscription

How do I get started with the BigAnimal experience?

Log into or create your EDB account on the Registration page. That’s it!

Your account will give you access to the BigAnimal platform, with credits automatically available in your account. Additionally, EDB’s training materials, migration portal, and other EDB downloads will become available for you.

What are some examples of what I can do in the BigAnimal platform? 

  • Spin up a single-node cluster or a highly available configuration, including a preview of EDB’s Postgres Distributed (PGD)
  • Manage clusters, regions, users, and cloud service providers
  • View your activity log
  • Modify or tune your database configuration
  • Connect and run applications and queries
  • Experiment with Oracle compatibility and Oracle SQL syntax

EDB BigAnimal can be deployed in our cloud account or your own. You can get started right away when hosting in EDB BigAnimal’s cloud account. However, if you have existing cloud service provider discounts, you can take advantage of these when deploying EDB BigAnimal in your own cloud account. This option also gives you full transparency and visibility into your database environment.

Using BigAnimal, Postgres can be hosted on your choice of cloud—Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). There are a wide range of cloud regions and instance types available depending on the cloud service provider selected.

For more information and ideas on how you can get started, check out the video walkthrough or download the Quick Start Guide to follow along step-by-step.

Looking forward to experiencing the benefits of a fully managed Postgres cloud database service without any unnecessary overhead? We’re excited to work with you! Head on over to the Registration page to sign up for an EDB account and get started right away.

Try BigAnimal today!


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