EDB Software Portfolio

An integrated portfolio of databases and tools that extend PostgreSQL for enterprise workloads, supported by EDB.

Subscription Plans - Fully Managed

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Server Community 360 Plan

Fully managed open source Postgres in the cloud, with expert support from EDB.

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Server Standard Plan

Fully managed Postgres in the cloud run by EDB, with support for EDB extensions and tools.

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Server Enterprise Plan

Fully managed EDB Postgres Advanced Server in the cloud, with enterprise features including Oracle compatibility.

Subscription Plans - Self Managed

EDB Community 360 Plan

Leverage the full power of Community PostgreSQL with EDB’s circle of protection

EDB Standard Plan

Increasing the power of Postgres with Enterprise Tooling

EDB Enterprise Plan

Enterprise features, including compatibility with Oracle and enhanced security

Featured Software

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Enterprise-ready, Oracle-compatible Postgres

EDB Postgres Extended Server

Enterprise-grade Postgres

EDB Postgres Distributed

high availability for Postgres

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service

Fully managed PostgreSQL in the cloud

Tools and Services

 Integrated tooling and web services

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Mission-critical Postgres solutions for Kubernetes environments