Upcoming Webinars

Cracking the Code: Oracle Database Migration from Assessment to Execution

Join us for an informative and insightful webinar where our experts delve into the comprehensive process of assessing compatibility and estimating migration effort, cost, and savings. Learn from industry leaders about EDB Postgres’s native Oracle compatibility, as well as how we can determine if a database migration is likely to be easy, medium, or hard, and what that means in terms of effort and prioritization. You’ll leave this webinar with a better understanding of the tools that EDB leverages to support a quick and reliable migration assessment and execution. Plus, we’ll share how ROI is used to drive a prioritized migration backlog.


Ask the Expert: How to reduce downtime and increase productivity with High Availability

In this session we will discuss the different levels of High Availability (HA), various HA metrics and the tools that can help minimise downtime for your organisation. You will then get the chance to ask your burning questions to EDB’s HA experts to deepen your knowledge about why HA is important to your business.

Postgres and the Artificial Intelligence Landscape

How can Postgres be used for artificial intelligence? EDB's Bruce Momjian, VP, Postgres Evangelist, explains how to do machine learning inside the Postgres database.

CIO Leadership Live: Migrate from Legacy Databases to Adopt Open-Source

Watch CIO Leadership Live, an exclusive session with Anubhav Rajput, CIO & Head- Digital and operations, Cholamandalam MS general insurance and Satyanarayana Rao, Regional Director, EDB as they share thoughts on 'Migrating from legacy databases to adopt open-source. 

EDB Masterclass with Mr. Saket Modi - The Indian Firewall Ensuring “Secure” Digital Transformation

In this session, explore various topics related to cyber security that will help you prevent your personal and business data from any cyber attacks and avoid any financial, reputational and legal damage.

Cloud Migration Paths: Kubernetes, IaaS, or DBaaS

Moving to the cloud is hard, and moving Postgres databases to the cloud is even harder. Bruce Momjian, VP, Postgres Evangelist, EDB and Marc Linster, CTO, EDB review cloud architecture considerations and provide guidance for decision makers.

How to Properly Backup Your Data (IST)

Databases go down, sometimes gracefully, many times not. Backing up your data is critical for all businesses, large and small. Please join us for this talk where we will discuss how to perform backups, how to reduce data loss risk, and more.

Query Processing in Postgresql

Query processing is an important functionality of a database product like PostgreSQL. Given the extensible nature of PostgreSQL, advanced users may want to become familiar with the interfaces that PostgreSQL provides in order to extend the core functionality.

Where the DBMS Market is Going

In his talk at Postgres Build 2021, Mike Stonebraker covered key considerations and provided guidance about the best way forward when it comes to the cloud.

Quo vadis, Postgres in the cloud? Kubernetes or DBaaS?

This talk will juxtapose EDB Cloud Native Postgres, a self-managed Kubernetes and container based database solution, and EDB Cloud, a fully managed database service, that is built on EDB Cloud Native Postgres.

Sharing experiences along the Postgres journey

Explore why organisations adopt open source and the reasons for selecting PostgreSQL as their preferred DBMS.

Using Open Source to Build an API Economy

During this talk, you will learn about Smals and their use of open source to develop an API economy and its application.

Graph Queries with PostgreSQL

This talk looks at how to write and tune queries, as well as design databases for efficient graph search. We’ll also discuss the new SEARCH and CYCLE clauses in PostgreSQL 14.

5 Tenets for Your 2022 Database Management Plan

2022 database planning is top of mind for everyone. This webinar will review key tenets to consider when planning your optimal database(s) for application development.

Break free from Oracle: Proven strategies for migrating databases to Postgres

This session will reveal why so many organizations are leaving Oracle and why they are targeting PostgreSQL. More detail will be covered with how database migrations work, what tools are available to help, and how to pick the right migration candidates.

The End of the Reign of Oracle RAC: Postgres-BDR Always On (APJ)

Learn how Bi-Directional Replication (BDR) can help your digital transformation.

New options for moving Oracle databases to the cloud

This webinar will explore options and top considerations when moving from Oracle databases into the cloud.

Webinar on Important Updates About Postgres "Man-in-the-Middle" Attack Vulnerabilities (12 PM EST)

Please join this webinar where Postgres experts at EDB will explain the MITM vulnerability and patch.

Webinar on Important Updates About Postgres "Man-in-the-Middle" Attack Vulnerabilities (6 AM EST)

Please join this webinar where Postgres experts at EDB will explain the MITM vulnerability and patch.

Graph Queries with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL allows recursive queries that can be used to write graph search queries. This talk looks at how to write and tune queries, as well as design databases for efficient graph search. We’ll also discuss the new SEARCH and CYCLE clauses in PostgreSQL 14.

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing graph queries in SQL
  • Optimizing shortest path searches
  • Utilizing new graph features in PostgreSQL 14
  • Designing graph databases using PostgreSQL

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 Highlights

Join Robert Haas as he goes through what’s new in Advanced Server 14. There are some great new features which were developed specifically for Advanced Server 14, and Advanced Server 14 will also feature better integration with Postgres-BDR (bi-directional replication). As always, new features of PostgreSQL 14 are also included in Advanced Server 14.

Key takeaways:

Tuning Tips to Maximize Postgres Performance

Watch now

Tuning PostgreSQL involves hardware, the operating system, changing a few parameters, and query tuning. This webinar will help you improve performance in just a few steps.

Key takeaways:

  • How to choose the optimal hardware for PostgreSQL
  • Ways to get the most out of the operating system
  • Best practices for tuning PostgreSQL parameters
  • Techniques for optimizing PostgreSQL queries and using partitioning

Deploying and Optimizing Clusters with Cloud Native PostgreSQL

You just deployed a cluster using Cloud Native PostgreSQL—now what?

In this session, we’ll explore how to connect applications to PostgreSQL and use psql or pgAdmin with Cloud Native PostgreSQL clusters. You’ll learn how to identify slow queries, get metrics from your cluster, and make changes to resolve slow running queries.

We’ll also share examples for testing your applications against a production database to:

Ask the BDR Expert - BDR Webinar Series (CET)

In this session, you will have the opportunity to connect, interact, engage, and ask thought-provoking questions to BDR experts and deepen your knowledge about EDB’s advanced logical replication for PostgreSQL solution.

Foreign data Wrappers in PostgreSQL (APJ)

There are many methods for accessing tables from remote databases. One of the most popular methods is PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper (postgres_fdw). In addition to postgres_fdw there are other Foreign Data Wrappers such as mongo_fdw, hadoop_fdw, and mysql_fdw.

In this webinar, we will discuss the capabilities of Foreign Data Wrapper with a demo. Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Foreign Data Wrappers in PostgreSQL
  • Foreign Data Wrapper Integration with other data sources
  • Connection options

Upgrade Easily with BDR - BDR Webinar Series (CET)

In this session we will discuss how you can use BDR, EDB’s advanced logical replication for PostgreSQL solution, to upgrade across OS, database, and BDR release. We will also review how BDR can be used to do rolling schema upgrades for applications.