Data Analytics in the Cloud with Postgres Window Functions

It was far more than just a lucky break that Postgres has become so well-respected for its exceptional analytics capabilities. The Window function is one of the driving forces behind this success—it enables users to quickly and easily execute complex queries and calculations to gain valuable insights with minimal effort. That’s what spurred Bruce Momijian VP, Postgres Evangelist, and co-founder of the PostgreSQL community and Marc Linster, EDB CTO, to put together their latest webinar to extensively demonstrate the Postgres Window function.


2022年10月にPostgreSQL15がリリースされた事を受け、EDBはEDB Postgres Advanced Server v15(以下EPAS)をローンチしました。EPAS 15は、TDE(透過的データベース暗号化) や、高セキュリティ、Oracle互換新機能を追加し、最も安全なPostgres環境を実現します。

Database Downtime: The Major Ways Your Database is Hurting Your Brand and Customer Experience

In this 45-minute webinar, hosted by Celest Turner Hall, EDB senior leaders Kelly Poole, Jerry Hemenway and Tom Rieger will discuss the major ways your database architecture could be failing your business, causing frustrating planned or unplanned downtime, increasing regulatory or monetary risks and even data non-compliance.

6 indicatori chiavi per riconsiderare il tuo supporto di Postgres

I sistemi business critical richiedono un supporto che sia ugualmente business critical; occorre quindi assicurarsi che il proprio contratto di supporto offra delle garanzie adeguate. Scopri insieme a Gianni Ciolli, Vice Presidente di Solutions Architecture in EDB, quali sono i segnali che indicano di ripensare al proprio supporto Postgres.

6 Telltale Signs You Need to Rethink Your Postgres Support

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where panelists Jamie Watt, EDB SVP, technical support and Kanchan Mohitey, EDB senior director, managed support services will discuss the six telltale signs that you should rethink your Postgres support.

脱・商用DBは怖くない!~安心・確実なOSS DBへの移行とは~


Breaking Up With Oracle

You may think breaking up with Oracle is hard to accomplish, but in this webinar, you will learn that this breakup is easier than you thought. EDB’s fully managed Postgres in the cloud EDB BigAnimal, is the fastest and most cost-effective way to go from Oracle on-premises to Postgres in the cloud.

Introducing EPAS 15 - The Most Secure Postgres

Join us to learn more about EPAS 15 and get all of your questions answered. PostgreSQL is already the world’s favorite database, and EPAS 15 is the most secure way to use Postgres. Register today.

Choosing the Right Postgres Vendor in the Cloud

Are you considering a cloud-based Postgres solution? Join us as we look at the five most significant risks associated with moving to a Postgres cloud solution and how to best plan for them. This webinar will navigate you through the variables and risks you must consider when making critical business decisions about your database.

Oracle to EDB Postgres Migration Made Easy

Whether your business wants to reduce database management costs, increase business agility or modernize your data infrastructure, EDB will accelerate and simplify the move from Oracle by partnering with you at every step of your migration journey. Join us at our upcoming webinar where the EDB Professional Services team shares factors to consider for a successful migration to Postgres databases and more.

Eliminate Oracle Headaches and Embrace Innovation with Postgres

In this 30-minute webinar, Craig Guarente, CEO & Founder of Palisade Compliance, the largest independent, Oracle-focused advisory firm; and Scott Horn, Chief Marketing Officer at EDB, will discuss the barriers created by Oracle’s licensing uncertainty, along with observed best practices from dozens of clients who innovate around this obstacle.

What does data management in the cloud really cost

Join our webinar to learn how to compare trade-offs between cost and performance in your cloud database. EDB’s Tom Rieger will share a methodology to measure platform performance, consider the price, as well as a perspective on how to compare those elements across multiple cloud database solutions.

What’s New in PostgreSQL 15

Now that the PostgreSQL15 release has been out for a few weeks, EDB would like to share some of the biggest features, as well as some hidden gems that you may not have noticed. In this 30-minute webinar, Lætitia Avrot, EDB field CTO, and Bruce Momjian, EDB VP, Postgres evangelist will explore what’s new in 15 and answer any questions you may have.

Customer Spotlight: Why Open Source and Postgres are at the top of Telia’s IT agenda

Open source database technology is having a powerful moment among industry innovators. In this session, EDB and Telia discuss why cloud adoption, cloud native deployment and the use of open source are at the top of Telia’s IT agenda.

Busting myths & fears when moving off Oracle ULAs

Too many Oracle customers have learned the hard way that when trying to roll out of the unlimited deployment period, Oracle challenges their certifications, they are audited, and more. Join our live webinar and understand how to protect your organization. You’ll learn different strategies and tactics for minimizing risks when exiting Oracle ULAs. Plus, we will dispel some common myths that keep customers tied up in the ULA long after they are ready to leave.

EDB Postgres Distributed High Availability Webinar Series: Stay “Always On” - Oct 26

Lead with confidence. Understand how distributed Postgres clusters can help you achieve database extreme high availability for your customers, protect your data and optimize for business growth.

Ask the Expert: Chasing unicorns: How to avoid “Zero” data loss

Join our Ask the Expert session where we will explore the CAP and PACELC theorems, what they mean for RDBMS and what tradeoffs need to be made to optimize availability and minimize data loss. Afterwards, we'll explore several real-world practical use cases that demonstrate these theorems and classify their data loss and availability.

EDB Postgres Distributed High Availability Webinar Series: Stay “Always On” - Oct 12

Your database availability is critical for your business, and every minute counts. Explore how geographically distributed workloads can keep your database “Always On”, avoiding major maintenance downtime and optimizing your database performance and scalability.

Lunch and Learn - EDB’s Product Roadmap

Learn more about insights into EDB's product strategy and priorities in 2022. Marc Linster, CTO at EDB will share what we've been working on and what we are working on now. He will also provide a view into future deliverables.

EDB Masterclass: Zero downtime-The Amul Story

In this version of EDB Masterclass, we’ll talk about The story of Amul- a business that started India’s white revolution and made India the world’s biggest maker of milk and milk products. We invite you to the 4th part of EDB Masterclass where we’ll be joined by Mr. Jagjit Punjrath, OSD at Amul and Mr. Ajit Gadge, CTO, APJ at EDB.

Avoid Postgres Distress Part 2 - Support Solutions

In Support Solutions, the 2nd part of our Postgres Distress series, our Postgres experts will walk you through the various support options available to both experienced and emerging Postgres users. Whether you want to work exclusively with open source Postgres or an EDB backed solution, there is a solution that fits your needs.

Avoid Postgres Distress Part 1 - Flying Solo

Avoid Postgres Distress will cover some of the most common pitfalls emerging Postgres users experience when they decide to implement this open source technology without a trusted support partner. Join our EDB experts for part 1 of a 2 part webinar series to better understand the risk of going it alone with Postgres.

If DataOps is not DevOps Plus Data, What Is It, Exactly?

DataOps, commonly thought to be DevOps plus Data, is gaining popularity. However, DataOps is actually the application of DevOps practices, principles and processes to data analytics pipelines. Properly applied, DataOps can improve data quality, decrease data analytics cycles, automate data cleansing and testing, and result in better decision making for the business. Join Doug Ortiz to learn how DataOps can be leveraged to increase the value realized from your data.

Ask the Expert: Taking High Availability to the Extreme

When do you need to take high availability to the extreme? And how is it achieved with Postgres? Find out at the next Ask the Expert session.

Oracle Migration Made Easy

Oracle is a leading enterprise database, but its high cost and restrictive licensing are driving many organizations to consider other alternatives like Postgres. In this webinar, we will discuss factors to consider before embarking on your database migration fromOracle to Postgres.