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Decoding Oracle Migration: Insights into Scope and ROI

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the intricacies of migrating from Oracle database to Postgres. Whether you're embarking on a migration journey or seeking to optimize an ongoing effort, this webinar will provide you with practical insights and strategies to define your migration scope, maximize ROI, and navigate the complexities of Oracle Migration effectively.


Neuerungen in EDB Postgres 11

Erfahren Sie, welche Neuerungen EDB Postgres 11 bringt. Dieses Update umfasst eine aktualisierte Version von EDB Postgres Advanced Server, die auf den Kapazitäten der Open-Source-Version PostgreSQL 11 basiert und diese erweitert. Sie profitieren von neuen Datenredaktionsfunktionen, autonomen Transaktionsbefehlen und Performance-Diagnose. Webinar-Agenda:

What’s New in EDB Postgres 11

Learn what is new in EDB Postgres 11. This update includes a refreshed version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server, which is built on and enhances the capabilities of open source PostgreSQL 11 with new data redaction capabilities, autonomous transaction commands, and performance diagnostics, plus:

Postgres Databases in Minutes with the EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service

The recently announced EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service (CDS) is a managed service, delivering enterprise-ready Oracle compatible EDB Postgres databases on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Marc Linster teaches you how to build an on-demand Oracle compatible Postgres database in minutes. Marc covers:

No Time to Waste: Migrate from Oracle to Postgres in Minutes

Need to break free from Oracle? An open source-based DBMS like Postgres is the answer. So, what is stopping you? 

Discover how to migrate from Oracle to Postgres, quickly and without risk. Join us on Thursday, September 27th to hear Marc Linster, EDB’s SVP of Product Development, explain how to leverage tools and technologies to convert your Oracle database to EDB Postgres with ease.

Will Postgres Live Forever?

If Postgres is going to live forever, who better to predict its future but the incomparable Bruce Momjian. Bruce Momjian is co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. Bruce feels that some organizations choose Postgres because it is cheaper, open source, and flexible, but believes we are entering a phase where organizations choose Postgres because it is the only database that does what they need it to do. Will Postgres live forever? As a most-used and most-loved database, it is well on its way. 

EnterpriseDB and Red Hat: Open and Compatible

Join EnterpriseDB, Red Hat, and Carahsoft for a webcast developed for the Department of Defense. Discuss department concerns and solutions with two lead system architects, Taylor Graham (EnterpriseDB) and John Oliver (Red Hat). Learn how EnterpriseDB's Postgres and Red Hat solutions complement each other, and how many Department of Defense customers deploy these solutions together.

This webcast will cover:

Connecting the Dots Between Dev and Ops with Postgres

Open source expert Taylor Graham explores software-defined database concepts and implementation patterns on Amazon Web Services.

Migrate from Oracle to EDB Postgres

Organizations using Postgres can slash database costs by 80% or more and reduce their reliance on costly proprietary database solutions. A study by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command concluded that government organizations could achieve Oracle cost avoidance of 95% by moving to EnterpriseDB's (EDB) Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

This webcast will take a closer look at migrating from Oracle to EDB Postgres, and provide tips for a successful migration. Join our webcast to hear more on:

Databases in the Cloud: Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Promise

Operating core infrastructure in the cloud introduces a host of new challenges and this is especially true for databases. In this webinar, Databases in the Cloud: Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Promise, featuring guest speaker Noel Yuhanna, Forrester Principal Analyst, we will explore the challenges of running databases in the public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Highlights include:

5 Ways to Make Your PostgreSQL GDPR-ready

In a little more than 100 days, GDPR regulations will affect the way your organization collects and manages customer data in Europe. This will require changes to your business processes along with IT applications and infrastructure updates.

Use the Valuable Time You Have Left and Take Action

View our webinar, 5 Ways to Make Your PostgreSQL GDPR-Ready, and discover what you need to do to prepare your PostgreSQL databases to meet the requirements of GDPR including: