CloudNativePG is the Kubernetes operator designed for Postgres, 100% open source and community driven, proudly created by EDB. All components are available under the Apache 2 license on GitHub.

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Develop faster and streamline the experience

Postgres can now become part of your development process for microservice architecture applications.

Increase velocity and improve the experience for your customers through infrastructure abstraction and automated CI/CD pipelines.

Your team can innovate at top speed

EDB makes it easier to deliver applications and services at top speeds with a standardized way of running Postgres in Kubernetes, empowering your team to innovate faster.

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Community 360

Comprehensive break/fix support for a Postgres deployment in Kubernetes based on CloudNativePG.

Run Postgres. The Kubernetes way.


CloudNativePG is the open source Kubernetes operator, originally created by EDB, that covers the full life cycle of a highly available Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native streaming replication.

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EDB Postgres for Kubernetes for Application Developers

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Introducing CloudNativePG: A New Open Source Kubernetes Operator for Postgres

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EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Leveraging cloud native Postgres, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes adds speed, efficiency and protection for your infrastructure modernization