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Professional Services

Decades of PostgreSQL deployments, at your service


Strategic transformation services help you design and refine your architecture with a focus on what’s most important to your company.

PostgreSQL Strategy

We’ll work with you to build a compelling, customized business case for PostgreSQL consumption and adoption, based on your organization’s core values and objectives. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or move to open source infrastructure, PostgreSQL can help, and we can help you get there.

Enterprise Architecture

We’ll work with you to define your operational, infrastructural, and environmental requirements. Then, we’ll recommend one or more architectural designs to meet your availability and scalability needs.

Solution Design

We’ll review your database strategy, SLAs, and infrastructure to design a solution that meets your requirements and expectations for a specific project or application.

Migration Assessment

We’ll conduct an evaluation of your current databases to determine the level of effort required to migrate to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. The assessment will include the best migration candidates, schema incompatibilities, and workarounds.

Operations & Implementation

Services to expedite PostgreSQL deployments on your infrastructure, including migrations to PostgreSQL from other database management systems (DBMS).

Quick Deploy

We’ll teach you in a workshop how to deploy highly available, scalable, and secure environments, in a way that accelerates the implementation of your PostgreSQL solution. We’ll provide reference architecture and use a standards-based approach based on best practices.

Monitoring Best Practices

Almost nothing is worse than having an end user tell you that your service is having trouble processing transactions. Let us help you avoid that so you always know the health and status of your databases.

Backup Best Practices

We’ll show you different backup strategies, including the pros and cons of each option, and make recommendations based on your needs. After reviewing your stack, we’ll give you customized guidance on how to set up and configure backups so that you never lose data.


Our experts will help you optimize your databases and arm you with the knowledge to move forward successfully.

Architectural Health Check

We’ll perform a detailed review of your Postgres database instances to understand the current and planned operations of your system and business application. We’ll give you a list of recommendations to improve performance and ensure a robust and healthy business application with a scalable structure.

Performance Tuning

After reviewing your infrastructure and determining your baseline with automated tools, we’ll guide you to make adjustments and show you how much the tuning improved performance.

Custom Services

Whatever your PostgreSQL challenge, we’ll help you solve it.

Embedded Postgres Subject Matter Expert

Our PostgreSQL expert will serve as a point of contact who comes up with strategies to solve challenges, and guides your team on how to remediate issues.

Not finding a services package that meets your needs? Whatever your PostgreSQL challenge, we’ll help you solve it.

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