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Raghavendra Rao

Global Leader Migrations and Solution Architect, EDB

With a distinguished 14-year career in PostgreSQL, Raghavendra Rao serves as the Global Leader Migrations and Solution Architect at EDB. He specializes in designing migration strategies for clients transitioning from traditional databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Ingres, and MySQL to PostgreSQL, often leading initiatives for top-tier Fortune 500 companies. His journey in tech began as an Oracle Certified Professional, evolving into a key role in advancing PostgreSQL's adoption and innovative application development.

At the forefront of a global team, Raghavendra orchestrates efficient migrations to Postgres systems and shares his deep expertise through over 40 training sessions worldwide as an EDB Certified Global Trainer. A Harvard alumnus with a Master's in Computer Information Systems and certifications in Oracle, Java, Python, and PostgreSQL/EDB Postgres Advanced Server, he embodies a leadership style that combines technical excellence with a trust-centric approach, nurturing long-term growth and robust professional relationships.