[AUDIO BLOG] Making the Postgres Move - Part 2: Key Steps for Oracle Migration

January 16, 2023

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This is Part 2 of our Making the Postgres move audio blog series, where we discuss the nuances, challenges and best strategies for Oracle to Postgres migration.

In our previous audio blog, we shared the many reasons why businesses are migrating from Oracle to Postgres. Now, we’ll discuss the steps for actually executing a migration.

Five easy steps to successfully migrate to Postgres.

Step One: Prioritize your applications to design the best migration plan possible. This plan will be the backbone of your move.

Step Two: Move schema and migrate database functionality and data. This will form the basis of your new database infrastructure, and enable all of your interfaces and applications. This phase of your move is also vital to understanding your need for change data capture and what your cutover timelines will look like. If there are gaps you need to fill, you’ll be able to recognize them here. 

Step Three:  Move APIs, convert embedded application SQL, and move applications. This enables you to run an application that meets functional requirements, and seamlessly integrate the app and database. It’s important to test everything moved during this stage to ensure that applications are functioning as intended.

Step Four: Move reports, DBA utilities and scripts. This helps ensure data-loading and other data management tools are functional, and that reports are properly generated.

Step Five: As you wrap up your migration, pay attention to completion of CDC, rollback setup, go/no, and production cutover. Voila! You’ve completed your migration!

Once you’ve completed your move to Postgres, it’s essential to keep testing everything somewhat regularly. This will ensure that your most essential applications are working, and help guarantee that your digital transformation journey is on track.

That sums up the key steps for a successful migration. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series. In the meantime, check out our eBook, The Complete Oracle to Postgres Migration Guide.

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