EDB Postgres Migration Portal v3.0.1

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Migration Portal is a web-based service for migrating Oracle database schemas to the EDB Postgres platform. The Migration Portal assesses and analyzes Oracle database schemas and converts types, tables, sequences, constraints, triggers, views, stored procedures, packages, dblinks, materialized views, and indexes, producing DDLs that are compatible with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

The user-friendly portal interface simplifies assessment and migration process; log on to the portal and start the process.

The Migration Portal guide provides a high-level description of the steps involved in the migration process. The guide also includes solutions to common migration problems and details of unsupported features and their potential workarounds.

EnterpriseDB has helped companies migrate their existing database systems to Postgres for years. For more information, visit the EnterpriseDB website at: https://www.edbpostgres.com/

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