Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open-source administration tool for remote backups and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers in business-critical environments. It relies on PostgreSQL’s robust and reliable Point In Time Recovery technology, allowing DBAs to remotely manage a complete catalogue of backups and the recovery phase of multiple remote servers – all from one location. Barman is distributed under GNU GPL 3 and maintained by EDB.

Barman can be obtained from the EDB repositories or downloaded from any of the resources listed on the project downloads page.


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Key capabilities include:

  • Remote backup and restore with rsync and the PostgreSQL protocol
  • Support for file level incremental backups with rsync
  • Retention policy support
  • WAL Archive Compression with gzip, bzip2, or pigz
  • Backup data verification
  • Backup with RPO=0 using a synchronous physical streaming replication connection
  • Rate limiting
  • Tested with custom WAL sizes

For more about Barman’s features and goals, see

Demo: Single-Server Streaming

A quick demonstration of Barman installation, configuration, and basic backup and restore operations

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