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Backup and Recovery: Single-Server Streaming with Barman

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This section demonstrates setting up a backup and recovery scenario using a Barman server and a PostgreSQL server. It covers:

  1. Configuring the database server to allow Barman to collect data via streaming replication
  2. Installing and configuring Barman for streaming replication and testing that configuration
  3. Running a full backup
  4. Restoring a full backup

Each of these steps is interactive, with the prerequisites and results of the previous step captured in a Docker image. You can work through the entire scenario in order, or skip to the step that interests you.

Database Server ConfigurationDemo

Configuring a PostgreSQL server for Barman streaming replication

Barman Installation & ConfigurationDemo

Installing Barman on an Ubuntu-based backup server, creating a configuration file and testing the connection

Base BackupDemo

Running a full backup using Barman


Recovering from data loss by using Barman to restore a full backup remotely

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