Murex Increases Flexibility, Resiliency and Support for Trading and Risk Management Operations with Postgres and EDB

Key Takeaways

  • Integrated Postgres into their MX.3 platform to increase flexibility, capabilities and cost advantages, and leveraged EDB’s support for Postgres 
  • Empowers customers to gain maximum availability and performance with Postgres and MX.3
  • Leverages EDB’s Postgres expertise to assist customers with deployment and beyond



  • Financial Services 

About Murex

For more than 35 years, Murex has provided enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions to capital markets players. Its cross-function platform, MX.3, supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations, enabling clients to better meet regulatory requirements, manage enterprise-wide risk, and control IT costs. With more than 60,000 daily users in more than 65 countries, Murex has clients across the financial services industry, from banking and asset management to energy and commodities. Murex is an independent company with over 2,700 employees across 19 locations. Murex is committed to providing cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and unique product innovation. MX.3 is specifically designed and engineered to meet the multifaceted challenges of a transforming financial industry.

The Challenge

Murex designed their MX.3 solution to run on Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases to give their customers plenty of options. The team discovered that more and more professionals were choosing open source Postgres for its lack of vendor-lock in, cloud-friendly foundation, and reduced cost of ownership. Murex decided to adapt their system so that it would be compatible with Postgres open source community version as well. They needed a way, however, to support their transitioning to Postgres and getting the most out of it.  
Because Murex’s traders and risk manager clients use their MX.3 platform to enable a high volume of trades daily and even hourly, having the system go down is not an option. It’s critical for Murex’s system on Postgres to be deployed in a highly available manner, with disaster recovery mechanisms in place so customers can get their MX.3 solution up and running in all circumstances. In order to protect customers from infrastructure issues and ensure optimal performance, the company recommends customers to select a top-notch provider who could help ensure maximum availability and performance with Postgres at deployment and beyond.


Murex researched companies that could help get the maximum value from open source Postgres. They were attracted to EDB because the company was recognized by their own customers as well as prospective clients, and was a well-known leader across industries.
Murex chose to work with EDB because they saw that EDB offered the resiliency, security, high availability, support, and best-in-class professional services that enable Postgres to perform at the highest levels and be always on for professionals initiating trades and doing other critical work. Murex uses EDB Community 360 for enterprise support and EDB Standard Plan to enhance operational resiliency. 
Along with EDB’s experience and expertise, EDB’s global presence was important to the team, because it ensured that their customers in various regions could partner closely with EDB and gain the support and guidance needed to be successful.
“One of the reasons we selected EDB was their global presence. We have customers all over the world, so we want a support partner who is able to be close to these customers.”

- Arnaud de Chavagnac, Head of Product Marketing, Murex 


With EDB as their support partner, Murex is able to continue its successful journey with Postgres as an open source database choice. Murex customers can also select EDB’s support to maintain high availability for trading, avoid vendor lock-in , and to help them modernize their systems, , and other mission critical activities.
Murex has the confidence that they’re able to provide the best possible support to their customers with the Postgres open source technology leader. Customers selecting also EDB gain peace of mind knowing that EDB actively follows and contributes to Postgres’ open source community and is readily available to help solve database issues and fully leverage the power of Postgres.

“We wanted to give the best possible support to application when running on Postgres, so we wanted to select the leader supporting Postgres open source database technology. This is why we decided to work with EDB.”

- Arnaud de Chavagnac


As Murex plans their roadmap for the future, they are exploring leveraging EDB’s Failover Manager to manage high availability for PostgreSQL.

Murex envisions more of their customers will utilize cloud, and EDB can accompany them when they begin running Postgres on their preferred cloud provider. Murex counts on EDB’s expertise and experience to help ensure their customers will attain high performance, stability, and security with Postgres running on the public cloud.
For those interested in converting to Postgres, Arnaud de Chavagnac provides this advice:
“I would encourage everyone to gather the right expertise, the right skills, and the right experience in Postgres, and to accelerate this learning curve by working with the right partner. It’s key to leverage the experience which is already available with firms that have been doing this for years. This is what we get with EDB.”

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