LiveCompare 2.2 release notes v2

Released: 14 Jun 2022

LiveCompare 2.2 includes the following new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

FeatureAdded --dry-run execution mode, which allows users to validate the .ini file and view some useful comparison information, without running comparison session. See Dry-run mode for more information.LIV-142, RT78462
FeatureAny abort messages received during the comparison session are printed in chronological order.
FeatureDisplays the list of connections, including technology, version, if the connection is a tiebreaker or a source of truth, and if it's reachable.
FeatureDisplays the Table Filter if it is configured.
FeatureLists the tables that are included in the comparison. This is the list of common tables that exist across all connections, after applying the Table Filter. For each table, shows the Column Filter, Row Filter and Comparison Key, if applicable.
EnhancementSupport for SLES 12 on x86_64.LIV-112
EnhancementSupport for SLES 15 on x86_64.LIV-113
EnhancementUpdated the list of reserved words according to Postgres kwlist source code.LIV-141, RT80745
EnhancementThe main progress bar percentage is now using a float instead of an integer. Previously, the number was rounded up.LIV-138, RT80745
EnhancementWhen edb_redwood_date is enabled in EPAS, the date columns are created as timestamp columns. This type mismatch was previously detected as a mismatch in the Common Hash, which triggers a full row comparison. Performance is improved by handling this mismatch in the Common Hash (which is faster than a full row), by checking the edb_redwood_date setting in these cases.LIV-153
EnhancementDemoted hash mismatch log messages from WARNING to DEBUG.LIV-145
EnhancementLogs now include the application_name in the message.LIV-141
EnhancementDocumented the behavior of using the current timestamp in Row Filter on Postgres or EPAS when data_fetch_mode = prepared_statements (the default). In this situation, it's also required to set data_fetch_mode = server_side_cursors_with_hold or server_side_cursors_without_hold.LIV-155
EnhancementImproved performance when generating the apply DML scripts when there is an increased number of divergences detected.LIV-159
Bug fixFixed a problem where an array column being considered as a Comparison Key caused the comparison on a table to be aborted due to an exception.LIV-38, LIV-154, RT81758
Bug fixA problem was resolved where the number of divergent and processed rows was not being properly updated after the comparison round, only by a Heart Beat. In this case, the rows were outdated, showing only the position since the last Heart Beat. For tables where the comparison took less than min_time_between_heart_beats, it would always indicate zero.LIV-149, RT75805
Bug fixFixed a corner case where unhandled exceptions could cause the comparison worker to hang.LIV-140, RT80745
Bug fixNormalizing decimal values to avoid false positives when comparing Oracle versus Postgres.LIV-153
Bug fixFix a corner case in which if comparison_algorithm = block_hash and buffer_size = 1, and there were any divergences found, the comparison would not advance due to an issue in the cursor advancing algorithm.LIV-150
Bug fixAllow the same table to be configured in multiple filter sections.LIV-156