Installing Postgres Enterprise Manager v7

The edb-pem package for Linux platforms installs the PEM Server, a PEM Agent, and the required software to connect to the PEM web interface with a supported browser.

The PEM server uses a Postgres installation and backend database to manage data. The pem backend database is created when you configure PEM.

For detailed information about installing the PEM Server, see Installing the PEM Server on Linux. For information about configuring a PEM Server see Configuring the PEM Server on Linux.

The PEM Agent that is installed with the PEM server is capable of monitoring multiple servers that reside on the same host, or on remote hosts. Please note that the PEM functionality on servers monitored by a remote Agent may be limited. For detailed information about remote monitoring functionality see the PEM Agent Privileges.

For detailed information about installing and configuring a PEM Agent, see Installing the PEM Agent on Linux.

prerequisites_for_installing_pem_server installing_pem_server_and_apache_web_server_preferences installing_pem_server_on_linux creating_pem_repository_in_isolated_network configuring_the_pem_server_on_linux installing_pem_agent_on_linux registering_a_pem_agent