The Probe Log Analysis Dashboard v7

The Probe Log Analysis dashboard displays error messages from the PEM agent.

Probe Log Analysis dashboard

The header information includes the date and time that the server was first started, the date and time that the page was last updated, and the current number of triggered alerts.

Use parameters on the PEM Server Configurations dialog to specify the auto-refresh rate for the dashboard. To access the Server Configuration dialog, select Server Configuration... from the PEM web interface Management menu.

The Probe Log table displays error messages returned by the PEM Agent. Entries in the Probe Log table may reflect incorrect agent binding information or authentication errors between the PEM agent and the server.

  • The Id column displays a unique identifier for each entry in the table.
  • The Timestamp column displays the date and time that the log entry was made.
  • The Probe Name column displays the name of the probe that recorded the log entry.
  • The Server Name column displays the name of the server on which the error occurred.
  • The Error Message column displays the error message returned by the probe.