Managing Database Objects v7

PEM provides simple but powerful dialogs that you can use to design and create database objects. Each dialog contains a series of tabs that you use to describe the object that will be created by the dialog; the SQL tab displays the SQL command that the server will execute when creating the object.

To access a dialog that allows you to create a database object, right-click on the object type in the Browser tree control, and select the Create option for that object. For example, to create a new cast, right-click on the Casts node, and select Create Cast...


cast_dialog collation_dialog domain_dialog domain_constraint_dialog event_trigger_dialog extension_dialog foreign_data_wrapper_dialog foreign_server_dialog foreign_table_dialog fts_configuration_dialog fts_dictionary_dialog fts_parser_dialog fts_template_dialog function_dialog language_dialog materialized_view_dialog package_dialog procedure_dialog schema_dialog sequence_dialog synonym_dialog trigger_function_dialog type_dialog user_mapping_dialog view_dialog