PEM v8.0.1 v7

Release date: 2021-03-03


Issue #5091 - Make Statistics, Dependencies, Dependants tabs closable and the user can add them back using the 'Add panel' option.


Issue #5338 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for pgAgent.
Issue #5343 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Debugger.
Issue #6079 - Updated mimetype from 'text/javascript' to 'application/javascript' as 'text/javascript' is obsolete.

Bug fixes

PEM-3549 - Fixed the issue where latest BART backups were not displaying on BART dashboard refresh. [Support ticket # 1046037]
PEM-3577 - Allow superuser name containing "-" provided during configuring script. [Support ticket # 1055435]
PEM-3881 - Close the operating system resources properly during batch probe and command execution to avoid 'too many open files' error. [Support ticket # 1048713]
PEM-3845 - Bundle pgaevent dll in agent windows installer to suppress event message log error. [Support ticket # 1106021]
PEM-3901 - Fixed the unicode string handling support in pemAgent. [Support ticket # 1153153]
PEM-3903 - Fixed the issue where BART restore was failing when agent was not bound with BART server. [Support ticket # 1129454]
Issue #4892 - Fixed an issue where pressing the back button will show another instance of the main page inside of the Query Tool tab.
Issue #5282 - Added 'Count Rows' option to the partition sub tables.
Issue #5488 - Improve the explain plan details by showing popup instead of tooltip on clicking of the specified node.
Issue #5571 - Added support for expression in exclusion constraints.
Issue #5809 - Fixed an issue where the focus is not properly set on the filter text editor after closing the error dialog.
Issue #5871 - Ensure that username should be visible in the 'Connect to Server' popup when service and user name both specified.
Issue #5875 - Ensure that the 'template1' database should not be visible after pg_upgrade.
Issue #5886 - Fixed false error is shown while adding a new foreign key from the table dialog when a foreign key already exists with Auto FK Index set to true.
Issue #5905 - Fixed an issue where the Save button is enabled by default in Macro.
Issue #5906 - Remove extra line after Manage Macros menu while clearing all macros.
Issue #5907 - Ensure that 'Clear All Rows' should not work if there is no existing macro available and the user does not specify any value.
Issue #5929 - Fixed an issue where the server is disconnected error message displayed if the user creates Macro with invalid SQL.
Issue #5965 - Ensure that the macro query result should be download properly.
Issue #5973 - Added appropriate help message and a placeholder for letting users know about the account password expiry for Login/Group Role.
Issue #5991 - Ensure that dirty indicator (*) should not be visible when renaming the tabs.
Issue #5992 - Fixed an issue where escape character is shown when the server/database name has some special characters.
Issue #5997 - Updated Flask-BabelEx to the latest.
Issue #5998 - Fixed an issue where schema diff doesn't show the result of compare if source schema has tables with RLS.
Issue #6003 - Fixed an issue where an illegal argument is showing for trigger SQL when a trigger is created for View.
Issue #6045 - Fixed autocomplete issue where it is not showing any suggestions if the schema name contains escape characters.
Issue #6046 - Fixed an issue where the state of the Save File icon does not match the dirty editor indicator.
Issue #6047 - Fixed an issue where the dirty indicator stays active even if all changes were undone.
Issue #6058 - Ensure that the rename panel should be disabled when the SQL file opened in the query tool.
Issue #6061 - Fixed extra parentheses issue around joins for Views.
Issue #6065 - Fixed accessibility issues in schema diff module.
Issue #6069 - Fixed an issue on refreshing files in Query Tool.
Issue #6077 - Fixed accessibility issues in various dialogs.
Issue #6084 - Fixed TypeError exception in schema diff when selected any identical object.
Issue #6087 - Fixed an issue where the dependencies tab showing multiple owners for the objects having shared dependencies.
Issue #6098 - Fixed an issue of deleting records when the user tries to delete multiple records.
Issue #6120 - Ensure that the user should be able to specify an older date for the account expiration of the role/user.
Issue #6121 - Fixed an issue where the database list in the new connection window is not visible.
Issue #6122 - Added informative message when there is no difference found for schema diff.
Issue #6128 - Fixed an issue where sequences are not created.
Issue #6140 - Ensure that verbose logs should be visible for Utility(Backup, Maintenance) jobs.
Issue #6144 - Ensure that the current value of the sequence should be ignored while comparing using schema diff.
Issue #6157 - Fixed an issue where strike-through is not visible for rows selected for deletion after scrolling.
Issue #6178 - Fixed an issue where the user unable to change the background color for a server.
Issue #6187 - Limit the upgrade check to run once per day.
Issue #6208 - Fixed an issue where utility(Backup, Maintenance, ...) jobs are failing when the log level is set to DEBUG.