PEM v7.14 v7

Release date: 2020-05-13


PEM-799 - Allow multiple agents to send emails & SNMP traps by enabling the configurations 'enable_smtp' & 'enable_snmp' in agent configuration (agent.cfg) file.
PEM-1593 - Introduced a new state 'Unmanaged' for the database servers for which are not being not monitored by PEM, but registered with it.
PEM-3283 - Modified the configuration script, installer & PEMAgent to generate certificates using 4096 bit key, and modified SSLUtils to sign certificates using SHA256 Hash [Support Ticket #989497]
PEM-3283 - PEMAgent service will not get disabled after upgrading [Support Ticket #994563]
PEM-3308 - Introduced new v3 version of REST API, which includes SNMP v3 support.
Issue #2172 - Added search object functionality.
Issue #5154 - Added accessibility support in AlertifyJS.
Issue #5179 - Added Python 3.8 support.
Issue #5184 - Added support for parameter toast_tuple_target and parallel_workers of the table.
Issue #5261 - Added support of Collation, FTS Configuration, FTS Dictionary, FTS Parser, and FTS Template to the Schema Diff.
Issue #5262 - Added support of Domain, Domain Constraints and Types to the Schema Diff.
Issue #5263 - Added support of Foreign Tables to the Schema Diff.
Issue #5264 - Added support of Packages, Sequences and Synonyms to the Schema Diff.
Issue #5399 - Warn the user if an unsupported, deprecated or unknown browser is detected.


Issue #5133 - Improvements in the UI for both default and dark themes.
Issue #5271 - Enhance the color of switch control for both light and dark theme.
Issue #4620 - Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for procedures.

Bug fixes

PEM-965 - Fixed hanging issue after 'Enable Remote Monitoring?' prompted to user. [Support Ticket #771096]
PEM-2500 - Corrected the version 3 of the certificate generated by sslutils
PEM-3129 - Update 'pem.bart_backups' table with primary key as server id and backup id. [Support Ticket #972254]
PEM-3183 - SQL profiler plugin was not able to load the profiler traces on ppcle machine [Support Ticket #991929]
PEM-3202 - Allow user to open the job step logs in the new browser window as well as download it from schedule tasks.
PEM-3248 - Check for proper PEM schema version before running BART specific functions for backward compatibility [Support Ticket #981208]
PEM-3272 - Fixed issue where SQL profiler filter dialog not able to display applied filter properly [Support Ticket #987042]
PEM-3316 - Fixed PEMAgent service should not get disabled after upgrading [Support Ticket #994563]
PEM-3323 - Fixed an issue where user was not able to change the email group from Agent dialog [Support Ticket #995734]
Issue #1257 - Ensure all object types have a "System XXX?" property.
Issue #2813 - Ensure that the password prompt should not be visible if the database server is in trust authentication mode.
Issue #3495 - Fixed an issue where the query tool unable to load the file which contains the BOM marker.
Issue #3523 - Fixed an issue where right-clicking a browser object does not apply to the object on which right-click was fired.
Issue #3645 - Ensure that the start and end date should be deleted when clear the selection for pgAgent Job.
Issue #3900 - Added multiple drop/delete functionality for the table constraints.
Issue #3947 - Fixed copy-paste row issues in View/Edit Data.
Issue #3972 - Modified keyboard shortcuts in Query Tool for OSX native support.
Issue #3988 - Fixed cursor disappeared issue in the query editor for some of the characters when zoomed out.
Issue #4180 - Fixed mouse click issue where it does not select an object in Browser unless the pointer is over the object.
Issue #4237 - Fix an issue where the user can not change the value of DateTime picker control using keyboard.
Issue #4440 - Ensure the DROP statements in reverse engineered SQL are properly quoted for all objects.
Issue #4445 - Ensure all object names in the title line of the reverse-engineered SQL are not quoted.
Issue #4504 - Fixed an issue where like options should be disabled if the relation is not selected while creating a table.
Issue #4512 - Fixed calendar opening issue on the exception tab inside the schedules tab of pgAgent.
Issue #4573 - Ensure that if the delimiter is set other than comma then download the file as '.txt' file.
Issue #4608 - Fixed some accessibility issues in the dialogs.
Issue #4684 - Fixed encoding issue while saving data in encoded charset other than 'utf-8'.
Issue #4709 - Added schema-qualified dictionary names in FTS configuration to avoid confusion of duplicate names.
Issue #4856 - Enable the save button by default when a query tool is opened with CREATE or other scripts.
Issue #4858 - Fixed python exception error when user tries to download the CSV and there is a connection issue.
Issue #4873 - Fixed an issue when changing the comments of the procedure with arguments gives error in case of overloading.
Issue #4946 - Fixed an issue when the user creates a temporary table with 'on commit drop as' clause.
Issue #4955 - Changed the color of selected and hovered item for Select2 dropdown.
Issue #4957 - Ensure that Constraint Trigger, Deferrable, Deferred option should be disabled when the user selects EDB-SPL function for the trigger.
Issue #4969 - Fixed an issue where changing the values of columns with JSONB or JSON types to NULL.
Issue #4996 - Improve the style of the highlighted code after query execution for Dark mode.
Issue #5007 - Ensure index dropdown should have existing indexes while creating unique constraints.
Issue #5043 - Fixed an issue where columns names should be visible in the order of their creation in the browser tree.
Issue #5053 - Fixed an issue where changing the columns in the existing view throws an error.
Issue #5058 - Ensure that AlertifyJS should not be visible as a title for alert dialog.
Issue #5077 - Changed background pattern for geometry viewer to use #fff for all themes.
Issue #5101 - Fix an issue where debugger not showing all arguments anymore after hitting SQL error while debugging.
Issue #5115 - Fix an issue where command and statements were parsed incorrectly for Rules.
Issue #5142 - Ensure that all the transactions should be canceled before closing the connections when a server is disconnected using PEM.
Issue #5143 - Fix accessibility issue for the maximize button of the Alertify dialog.
Issue #5157 - Ensure that default sort order should be using the primary key in View/Edit data.
Issue #5180 - Fixed an issue where the autovacuum_enabled parameter is added automatically in the RE-SQL when the table has been created using the WITH clause.
Issue #5184 - Fixed Firefox monospaced issue by updating the font to the latest version.
Issue #5213 - Fixed an issue when the user performs refresh on a large size materialized view.
Issue #5214 - Update Flask-SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy package which is not working on Windows with Python 3.8.
Issue #5215 - Fix syntax error when changing the event type for the existing rule.
Issue #5221 - Improve logic to get the DDL statements as a part of the comparison.
Issue #5227 - Fixed an issue where user cannot be added if many users are already exists.
Issue #5241 - Fixed tab key navigation issue for Grant Wizard.
Issue #5268 - Fixed generated SQL when any token in FTS Configuration or any option in FTS Dictionary is changed.
Issue #5270 - Ensure that OID should be shown in properties for Synonyms.
Issue #5275 - Fixed tab key navigation issue for parameters in table dialog.
Issue #5279 - Fixed Unicode character issue causing error on Python2 environment.
Issue #5302 - Fixed an issue where difference SQL is not seen in the schema diff tool for Types.
Issue #5314 - Ensure that switch cell is in sync with switch control for accessibility.
Issue #5315 - Fixed an issue where schema diff showing changes in the identical domain constraints.
Issue #5350 - Fixed an issue where schema diff marks an identical table as different.
Issue #5352 - Fixed the rightmost and bottom tooltip crop issues in the explain query plan.
Issue #5356 - Fixed modified SQL issue while adding an exception in pgAgent job schedule.
Issue #5361 - Fixes an issue where PEM GUI does not display properly in IE 11.
Issue #5362 - Fixed an issue where the identical packages and sequences visible as different in the schema diff tool.
Issue #5366 - Added alert message to Reset Layout if any of the panels from Query Tool failed to load.
Issue #5371 - Fixed tab key navigation for some dialogs.
Issue #5375 - Fixed an issue where the Mode cell of argument grid does not appear completely in the Functions dialog.
Issue #5383 - Fixed syntax error while refreshing the existing synonyms.
Issue #5387 - Fixed an issue where the mode is not shown in the properties dialog of functions/procedures if all the arguments are "IN" arguments.
Issue #5396 - Fixed an issue where the search object module unable to locate the object in the browser tree.
Issue #5400 - Fixed internal server error when the database server is logged in with non-super user.
Issue #5401 - Fixed search object issue when the object name contains special characters.
Issue #5410 - Fixed an issue while removing the package body showing wrong modified SQL.
Issue #5441 - Fixed an issue where the search object not able to locate pg_toast* tables in the pg_toast schema.
Issue #5415 - Ensure that the query tool context menu should work on the collection nodes.
Issue #5447 - Fixed failed to fetch utility error when click on refresh(any option) materialized view.