PEM Getting Started Guide

This document provides an introduction to Postgres Enterprise Manager™ (PEM). The guide will acquaint you with the basics of the toolset, and help you be successful in your database management activities. The guide is broken up into the following core sections and categories:

  • Postgres Enterprise Manager Overview – This section provides information about PEM functionality, components, architecture, and supported platforms. The section also provides an overview of PEM’s web interface. The web interface is installed with the PEM server, and can be used from your browser of choice.

  • Registering a Server - This section provides information about the different tools available to assist with server registration.

  • Managing Certificates - This section provides information about managing certificates for PEM.

  • Managing a PEM server - This section provides information about tasks related to PEM server such as restarting the PEM server and agent, controlling the PEM server or PEM agent, controlling the HTTPD service on Linux and Windows, controlling the HTTPD server, managing PEM authentication and security, modifying the pg_hba.conf file, modifying PEM to use a proxy server etc.

  • Managing a PEM agent - This section provides information about configuring and managing a PEM agent.

This document uses Postgres to mean either the PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server database.