What’s New

The following features have been added to create Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.10:

  • PEM now has the capability to configure and manage a BART server using PEM console. You can perform BART operations on a managed database from PEM console such as backing up a managed database server, restoring a backup, point-in-time recovery, marking backups as Keep, Unkeep, or Obsolete. For more information, see the BART Management Guide available at:

  • PEM 7.10 supports PostgreSQL version 12 and Advanced Server version 12:

    • You can now manage, monitor, and tune a PostgreSQL version 12 or Advanced Server version 12 database.

    • You can use a PostgreSQL version 12 or Advanced Server version 12 database as the backing database for PEM server.

    • You can now use the Compound Triggers feature available with Advanced server version 12.

    • PEM also supports the following database features that are specific to PostgreSQL version 12 or Advanced Server version 12:

      • Generated Columns

      • Planner Support function

  • PEM now allows you to display a banner with custom text on the Login page.

  • PEM 7.10 differentiates between editable and read-only columns by using icons and tool tips in the column headers.

  • You can now see the internal queries generated by View Data during Save Data operation.

  • Copy with headers functionality has been introduced for copying data from Query Tool/View Data.