EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager Installation Guide

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  • EDB designs, establishes coding best practices, reviews, and verifies input validation for the logon UI for EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager where present. EDB follows the same approach for additional input components, however the nature of the product may require that it accepts freeform SQL, WMI or other strings to be entered and submitted by trusted users for which limited validation is possible. In such cases it is not possible to prevent users from entering incorrect or otherwise dangerous inputs.

  • EDB reserves the right to add features to products that accept freeform SQL, WMI or other potentially dangerous inputs from authenticated, trusted users in the future, but will ensure all such features are designed and tested to ensure they provide the minimum possible risk, and where possible, require superuser or equivalent privileges.

  • EDB does not that warrant that we can or will anticipate all potential threats and therefore our process cannot fully guarantee that all potential vulnerabilities have been addressed or considered.