What’s New

The following features have been added to create Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.13:

  • Core Usage Report: The Core Usage report provides you with metrics such as total number of cores used by a EDB Postgres Advanced Server or Postgres database that is being managed by PEM. This report can help you understand if you are in compliance with core-based licensing guidelines.

  • SMMP v3 support: SNMP v3 support enables the PEM Server and PEM Agent to use SNMP Version 3 for secure communication by authenticating and encrypting data packets over the network.

  • Schema Diff tool (Beta): The Schema Diff tool allows you to compare two database schema objects and synchronize the two schemas. The tool lists the differences and also generates the synchronization scripts for the two schemas.

  • Auto logout inactive users: An inactive user session is automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity. This timeout interval can be configured in the config.py file. This feature improves security by reducing the unintended access to the database server.

  • Accessibility Improvements: Enables screen-readers to read labels and descriptions of non-text elements, to identify the alert errors, and to read relationship attributes in nested elements.

  • Other features include:

    • Enhancements to the System Configuration Report.

    • Support for a multi-level partitioned table.