What’s New

The following features have been added to create Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.14:

  • Search Object Functionality: This functionality helps you to search a database object (schema, index, table, etc.) within a database using a text string and wildcard, and locate them in the browser tree.

  • SMTP emails and SNMP traps: Newer versions of PEM Agents will be able to send SMTP emails and SNMP traps using multiple PEM Agents simultaneously. The users will get the notification even when the PEM Agent on PEM Server is down.

  • Unmanaged state on the Monitoring dashboard: The database servers registered with PEM for administration only are not bound to any PEM Agent. Those servers state will be identified as Unmanaged on the Monitoring dashboard instead of Unknown.

  • 4096-bit key for generating the SSL certificates: The PEM configuration script, installer, and PEM Agent are modified to generate certificates using the 4096-bit key to improve security.

  • Support for the SHA256 algorithm (sslutils v1.3): Signing certificate algorithm is changed to SHA256 from SHA1 to improve security.

  • Other features and changes include:

    • Enhancements to the Schema Diff tool (Beta) add support for Packages, Sequences, Synonyms, Domain, Domain Constraints, Collation, FTS Configuration, FTS Dictionary, FTS Parser, FTS Template, Foreign Tables

    • Improved accessibility support in different third party libraries

    • Added support for Python 3.8

    • Added support for the toast_tuple_target and parallel_workers parameters

    • The ability to warn the user if an unsupported, deprecated or unknown browser is detected

    • Support for a new v3 version of REST API, which includes SNMP v3 support

The Package Deployment wizard and Streaming Replication wizard are no longer available from PEM v7.14 forward.