Managing a RHEL Subscription

To view a list of the currently defined RHEL subscriptions, highlight the RHEL Subscriptions node in the PEM browser tree control and navigate to the Properties tab.

ARK manage rhel subscription list

ARK - Manage RHEL Subscription list

To review detailed information about a specific subscription, select the subscription name and navigate to the Properties tab.

ARK manage rhel subscription properties

ARK - Manage RHEL Subscription - Properties

Panels on the Properties tab display details about the subscription. Select the edit button in the header to open a dialog that allows you to edit the subscription properties. Please note that to modify subscription information, you must provide the password associated with the subscription.

  • The General panel displays subscription information such as the registered user name, your organization information, and the URLs used to connect to the subscription.
  • The Activation panel displays information about the RHEL subscription service and its behavior.
  • The Software/Packages panel displays the names of repositories used by the subscription and the subscription manager command.

You can use options on the subscription’s context menu to manage the subscription. To access the context menu, right-click on the subscription name in the PEM Browser tree control.

ARK manage rhel subscription context menu

ARK - Manage RHEL Subscription - Context menu

Then, to manage the subscription, select from the menu options:

Option Action
Refresh Select Refresh to update the definition of the RHEL subscription.
Delete/Drop Select Delete/Drop to delete the subscription. PEM will confirm that you wish to delete the subscription definition before removing it.
Properties… Select Properties… to modify the subscription properties

Modifying Subscription Properties

To modify the properties associated with a RHEL subscription, right-click on a subscription name and select Properties… from the context menu.

ARK manage rhel subscription modification options

ARK - Manage RHEL Subscription - Modification options

Before modifying properties, you must provide the Password associated with the subscription. After entering a password and making any desired changes to the subscription definition, click Save to preserve your changes and exit the dialog.

Deleting a Subscription Definition

To delete a subscription definition, right-click on the name of a subscription in the PEM Browser tree control, and select Delete/Drop from the context menu. The PEM server will prompt you to confirm that you wish to delete the subscription before the subscription is deleted.