Version 1.4

Release date: 2017-04-13

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.3.


Feature #2232 - Add the ability to gray-out/disable the “Save Password” option when creating a connection to a server
Feature #2261 - Display table DDL for Greenplum in SQL tab
Feature #2320 - Added German translation

Bug fixes

Bug #2077 - Add missing “Run Now” option for pgAdmin jobs
Bug #2105 - Fix validation on the table dialogue so the Save button isn’t enabled if the name is removed and autovac custom settings are enabled
Bug #2145 - Resolve the issue for restoring the table from the backup
Bug #2187 - Ensure the web/ directory is cleared before upgrading Windows installations
Bug #2190 - Allow users to select UI language at login or from Preferences rather than unpredictable behaviour from browsers
Bug #2226 - Show tooltips for disabled buttons to help user learning
Bug #2241 - Fix numeric control validation in nested schemas
Bug #2243 - Fix dropping of databases with Unicode names
Bug #2244 - Prevent an error being displayed if the user views data on a table with no columns
Bug #2246 - Add missing braces to reverse engineered SQL header block for Functions
Bug #2258 - Fix handling of DATERANGE[] type
Bug #2264 - Resolve error message ExtDeprecationWarning displayed on new pgAdmin4 setup for Python 3.4 on ubuntu 14.04 Linux 64
Bug #2265 - Resolved import/Export issue for a table
Bug #2274 - Properly handle truncated table names
Bug #2277 - Resolved various file-system encoding/decoding related cases
Bug #2281 - Ensure menus are updated after disconnecting a server
Bug #2283 - Check if cell is in multiselect mode before setting default selection of multiple values
Bug #2287 - Properly handle EXPLAIN queries entered directly by the user in the Query Tool
Bug #2291 - Fix error highlighting in the Query Tool
Bug #2299 - Fix usage of QString
Bug #2303 - Fix ascending/descending sort order in backgrid while clicking on the headers
Bug #2304 - Resolve the issue for restoring the table from the backup
Bug #2305 - Resolve the issue where Generic function qtLiteral was not adapting values properly when they contain non ascii characters
Bug #2310 - Fix Dialog Help where Query Tool/Debugger opens in new browser tab
Bug #2319 - Resolve issue where Click on pgAdmin4 logo leads to unauthorized error
Bug #2321 - Improved functionality of browser tree when adding new nodes if parent collection node has not loaded
Bug #2330 - Ensure the Query Tool displays but does not render HTML returned by the server in the results grid