Postgres Plus® Cloud Database


Save money provisioning Postgres clusters

Postgres Plus Cloud Database provisions cloud based elastic PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases (with database compatibility for Oracle®) in single instances and read scalable clusters.

Cloud Server

The clusters are set up in minutes with high-speed binary replication, automatic read load balancing, optimized connection pooling, auto-scaling (for horizontal read scale out and storage), scheduled backups, and automatic failover. And you immediately get the benefits of cloud computing with utility-like pay-as-you-go pricing, cloud based backups, elastic storage, elastic scale out, and the ability to scale virtual machine sizes up or down to meet your processing needs with no up-front hardware costs.

Requires no special database skills

Now anyone can setup Postgres clusters in the cloud complete with automatic failover and other difficult-to-set-up features like load balancing and connection pooling. Take a video tour of the GUI console.

You can also use cluster replicas for disaster recovery purposes, and cloning production data to programming sandboxes for new application development or testing. Whether you want to easily set up robust Postgres deployments, to reduce costs because you have spikey load times, or you are a developer who wants to focus on application work and not database setup and administration, Cloud Database will meet your needs with a powerful feature set deployed and managed with a simple point and click interface in the browser of your choice at the cost savings and convenience provided by cloud computing.

A cloud database with an Oracle option

Postgres Plus Cloud Database for PostgreSQL databases are full featured enterprise class databases without many of the limitations of other lightweight or specialized databases. If you use Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you'll also have an inexpensive proven alternative for moving applications written to run on Oracle into a cloud environment. This allows your staff to reuse existing Oracle development skills and code and create new applications that target Postgres Plus Cloud Database.


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