Using EDB Postgres with Containers
Wednesday, Feb. 10 8:00 AM EST
Learn how the use of containers can simplify and speed application deployment and development, and how to containerize your EDB Postgres deployment.

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EnterpriseDB announces improved database integration and more with PostgreSQL 9.5!    Read more...

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PostreSQL 9.5

Multi-core & large memory scalability improvements; in memory sorting & hashing optimizations; UPSERT; compact BRIN indexing for large data.

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Best Practices for Postgres in Production

Learn how to address the kinds of issues many enterprises face when deploying Postgres applications in production and scaling for growth.

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Postgres Enterprise Manager

Increased productivity for DBAs through integration with Nagios monitoring, EDB Postgres Failover Manager, and native replication tools.

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5

Gain the advantage of powerful enterprise features including increased security and auditing, better scalability, and improved performance.

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