EDB Postgres for Kubernetes v1

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes is an operator designed, developed, and supported by EDB that covers the full lifecycle of a highly available Postgres database clusters with a primary/standby architecture, using native streaming replication. It is based on the open source CloudNativePG operator, and provides additional value such as compatibility with Oracle using EDB Postgres Advanced Server and additional supported platforms such as IBM Power and OpenShift.

Key features available include:

  • Kubernetes API integration for high availability
  • Self-healing through failover and automated recreation of replicas
  • Capacity management with scale up/down capabilities
  • Planned switchovers for scheduled maintenance
  • Read-only and read-write Kubernetes services definitions
  • Rolling updates for Postgres minor versions and operator upgrades
  • Continuous backup and point-in-time recovery
  • Connection Pooling with PgBouncer
  • Integrated metrics exporter out of the box
  • PostgreSQL replication across multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Red Hat certified operator for OpenShift

The operator has been renamed from Cloud Native PostgreSQL. Existing users of Cloud Native PostgreSQL will not experience any change, as the underlying components and resources have not changed.