Container Image Requirements v1

The EDB Postgres for Kubernetes operator for Kubernetes is designed to work with any compatible container image of PostgreSQL that complies with the following requirements:

  • PostgreSQL executables that must be in the path:
    • initdb
    • postgres
    • pg_ctl
    • pg_controldata
    • pg_basebackup
  • Barman Cloud executables that must be in the path:
    • barman-cloud-backup
    • barman-cloud-backup-delete
    • barman-cloud-backup-list
    • barman-cloud-check-wal-archive
    • barman-cloud-restore
    • barman-cloud-wal-archive
    • barman-cloud-wal-restore
  • PGAudit extension installed (optional - only if PGAudit is required in the deployed clusters)
  • Appropriate locale settings

No entry point and/or command is required in the image definition, as EDB Postgres for Kubernetes overrides it with its instance manager.


Application Container Images will be used by EDB Postgres for Kubernetes in a Primary with multiple/optional Hot Standby Servers Architecture only.

EDB provides and supports public PostgreSQL container images for EDB Postgres for Kubernetes, and publishes them on

Image tag requirements

To ensure the operator makes informed decisions, it must accurately detect the PostgreSQL major version. This detection can occur in two ways:

  1. Utilizing the major field of the imageCatalogRef, if defined.
  2. Auto-detecting the major version from the image tag of the imageName if not explicitly specified.

For auto-detection to work, the image tag must adhere to a specific format. It should commence with a valid PostgreSQL major version number (e.g., 15.6 or 16), optionally followed by a dot and the patch level.

Following this, the tag can include any character combination valid and accepted in a Docker tag, preceded by a dot, an underscore, or a minus sign.

Examples of accepted image tags:

  • 12.1
  • 13.4
  • 14
  • 15.5-10
  • 16.0

latest is not considered a valid tag for the image.


Image tag requirements do no apply for images defined in a catalog.