Benchmarking v1


The kubectl plugin command pgbench executes a user-defined pgbench job on an existing Postgres Cluster. The command also accepts the --dry-run command, this will output the job manifest without applying it.

Example usage:

kubectl cnp pgbench <cluster-name> --pgbench-job-name <pgbench-job> --db-name <db-name> -- --time 30 --client 1 --jobs 1

Example of how to run it against a Cluster named cluster-example:

kubectl cnp pgbench cluster-example --pgbench-job-name pgbench-job -- --time 30 --client 1 --jobs 1 -n NAMESPACE

Example of how to run it on an existing database by using the --db-name flag:

kubectl cnp pgbench cluster-example --db-name pgbench --pgbench-job-name pgbench-job -- --time 30 --client 1 --jobs 1 -n NAMESPACE

The job status can be fetched by running:

kubectl get job/pgbench-job -n NAMESPACE
pgbench-job-name   1/1           15s        41s

Once the job is completed the results can be gathered by executing:

kubectl logs job/pgbench-job -n NAMESPACE