Free evaluation v1

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes is available for a free evaluation.

The process is different between Community PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Evaluating using PostgreSQL

By default, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes installs the latest available version of Community PostgreSQL.

No license key is required. The operator automatically generates an implicit trial license for the cluster that lasts for 30 days. This trial license is ideal for evaluation, proof of concept, integration with CI/CD pipelines, and so on.

PostgreSQL container images are available at

Evaluating using EDB Postgres Advanced Server

You can use EDB Postgres for Kubernetes with EDB Postgres Advanced Server. You will need a trial key to use EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Obtaining your trial key

You can request a key from the EDB Postgres for Kubernetes Trial License Request page. You will also need to be signed into your EDB Account. If you do not have an EDB Account, you can register for one on the EDB site.

Once you have received the license key, you can use EDB Postgres Advanced Server by setting in the spec section of the Cluster deployment configuration file:

  • imageName to point to the repository
  • licenseKey to your license key (in the form of a string)

EDB Postgres Advanced container images are available at

To see how imageName and licenseKey is set, refer to the cluster-full-example file from the the configuration samples section.

Further Information

Refer to License and License keys for terms and more details.